Lesson 8 Ecuador Tickets Update 2

Tickets Ecuador Ranking Update

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Lesson eight of your Tangled Web courses has been looking at how in the past four days we have, from no ranking, created Google rankings for the phrases:

Ecuador Tickets #9
Tickets in Ecuador #8
Tickets for Ecuador #8
Tickets to Ecuador #8
Tickets Ecuador #11

We posted a message each day:

Buying Tickets to Ecuador

Tickets to Ecuador Part 2

Ecuador Tickets #3

Ecuador Tickets #4

Today I added a kicker and posted a message at our Ecuadorliving.com site entitled Ecuador Ticket Tax

Next I’ll work with a Galapagos tour operator to sell some Galapagos tours.

I asked him to wrote an article for me on any Galapagos tour specials. I’ll post this with a title Ecuador Tickets – Galapagos and link the other articles to this.  Plus I am asking the operator to  to see if he can put an article at his site with a link this Ecuador ticket Galapagos article.

The goal is to have a good ranking for those searching for good Ecuador tickets to Galapagos.


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