Lesson 8: Webmaster Notes

The secret to lesson 8 is contained in the first paragraph of Wikipedia’s definition of the term “authority

The reason that Gary was able to get high Google rankings on a highly competitive keyword phrase within hours of him targeting that phrase is that Google recognizes Gary as an authority on the topic (Ecuador) and its naturally occurring topic branches, such as flights to Ecuador.

Many elements factor in to Google’s mathematical calculation as to why Gary should top Google for certain keywords.

And so can you.

If Gary wrote one article about trout fishing in Oregon he’d not get such a good result. If he wrote about trout fishing in Ecuador, he would start to. If he wrote a number of articles about trout fishing in Ecuador he’d do better. And if he wrote a number of articles about trout fishing in Oregon and other websites started linking back to his articles on that topic, Google would start to recognize him as an authority on the topic.

(As it so happens, Gary is already somewhat of an authority on trout fishing offline but he hasn’t targeted that topic on his websites yet.)

Your online business needs a focus and you need to create content around that topic. If you create diverse content around that topic, creating a number of articles about and stemming from that topic, and follow a few simple guidelines that we’re outlining in this course, then you, too, can rule the search engines for your topic niche.

Start now.