Lesson 5: Webmaster Notes

In 1990 I spent a few months in Eastern Europe – Poland, Russia, Estonia and culminating in an earthquake relief project in Armenia where I worked with children aged 9-14. Many of these children had lost their entire families in seconds during the 1988 earthquake that decimated many of Armenia’s cities and towns. I met children as young as 10 with high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, insomnia and depression. Ten year-old children. This experience changed my view of the world forever.

On the face of it and from our affluent, Western perspectives, these brave people had nothing. And let’s remember that they had also endured almost 75 years of Communism! Yet they had many things that we do not. Love, respect, tolerance, compassion…hopes and dreams that were not quashed by adversity.

One young man, about 16 years old, Ardak (an ancient Armenian king’s name) had such a bright sparkle to his eyes and had such a clarity of purpose of what he wanted to do with his life. His English was truly excellent and we enjoyed many a chat and sang Beatles songs together – he was a self-taught piano player and knew may Beatles songs by ear. He had such a passion for life even though he lived in what you and I could only refer to as a metal sea-link container decked-out as a house. But it was a home and I was truly welcomed. In Armenia there is an old saying that a stranger is a messenger of God. I was treated like royalty.

We Have Everything. That’s The Problem!

There is a video circulating the Internet currently from a recent Conan O’Brien show. The clip is called “Everything is so amazing and nobody is happy…” It is a little coarse/not suitably for work but illustrates the point I’d like to make here.

I thought of Ardak as I started to write this and I realized that if we shared with him these tips he’d set-to them with his enthusiasm and find a way around any potential glitches or adversity. He’d find a way to make things work. His passion and enthusiasm and hunger to succeed would drive him. He’d live the somewhat-cliched Nike brand mantra and Just Do It!

If you had very minimal resources, how would you make your web business work? I see so many people unable to start their Internet business even though they have all the resources in the world. It is not lack of resources that prevents people from getting-on in their web business but lack of “Just Doing It”.

The most important lesson at this stage of our course together is that if you haven’t already started your Internet business, now is the time. Start small, start now, but do just start. Begin right now. Review the first lessons if necessary but do make a start. You have an opportunity to create the business you dream of but it does need a kick-start from your side.

Please send me a link to some of the things you’ve started creating and I will give you any help or suggestions you may want to give these fledgling ideas the absolute best chance of success.