Seven Other Ways We Can Help Your International Micro Business

Here are seven other ways we can help your international micro business in 2010.

#1:  Quantum Wealth International Business & Investing Courses,


Delegates meeting at our North Carolina home to discuss business ideas after our West Jefferson N.C. Quantum Wealth course.

#2: Emailed online course “Self Fulfilled” – How to be a Self Publisher.

#3: Ecuador Real Estate Tours. See Schedule here.


Delegates viewing real estate in Cotacachi Ecuador

#4: Emailed online ourse “The Tangled Webs We Weave” –  How to Have a Web Based Business.

#5: Be Smarter. Super Thinking + Plus Spanish.


Delegates at our Mt. Dora Florida Super Thinking + Spanish Course.


Delegates at our Super thinking+ Spanish course in Cotacachi Ecuador.

#6: How to Have an Ecuador Export Business. See schedule here.

Delegates in Otavalo market on our Ecuador export course and…


meeting after at our hotel Inn Land of the Sun to discuss micro business ideas.


#7: International Club.  See membership details here.