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Welcome to the International Club! We forward to sharing a wonderful year ahead with you.

You can see our schedule of seminars below.

As an International Club member, you can enroll in as many of these courses as you wish  free… you save thousands of dollars and are invited to bring a guest at no charge as well.

Simply click on the link below to reserve a seat at any or all the seminars.

Please give us your name and in the comments section show which course you will attend, when you plan to arrive and depart and your guest details also.

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See the 2011 seminar schedule.

This is our 42nd year of conducting seminars.  Yet every year we learn how to make our service better so we can keep improving the ways we  help you.

This year we are providing three International Business seminars, three and International Investing seminars… plus two Super Thinking + Spanish courses.  And you (and a guest) can also attend the Super Thinking + Spanish course this November.

Yet there is more.  This year we will record our international investing and business seminars courses so even if you cannot attend you’ll get the seminar online so you can listen in your computer or car.

The seminar recordings can also help you get a head start.  We are currently editing the October 2010 International Investing and Business Course in October and will make it available to you also.  This way you can start using the data now and then gain updates at each seminar.

Take a look at our schedule below.

Every once in awhile we have to modify a date slightly so always please double check with us before booking flights.

Normally attending all these courses would be $7,491.  Attend any or all of them (and please bring a guest) FREE.

November 4-7, 2010 – Super Thinking + Spanish.  Mt. Dora, Florida

Feb. 11-12, 2011  International Investing Made EZ.  Mt. Dora, Florida

Feb.12-13, 2011   International Business Made EZ,  Mt. Dora, Florida

March 10-13, 2011  Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Florida

June 24-25, 2011  International Investing Made EZ,  Jefferson. NC.

June 25-26, 2011   International Business Made EZ,  Jefferson, NC.

Oct. 7-8, 2011  International Investing Made EZ,  Jefferson, NC.

Oct. 8-9, 2011  International Business Made EZ , Jefferson, NC.

Nov. 3-6, 2011   Super Thinking + Spanish,  Mt. Dora, Florida.

To reserve a seminar Please click here.

As the audio recording of each seminar is posted online, we’ll send you a link and password.

Again, Merri and I welcome you to the International Club 2011 and look forward to being with you!