Free Webinar: How to Grab Sequential Currency Profits

On Wednesday June 22nd at 8pm Eastern Daylight Time, I am holding a free webinar.

Discover how I spotted a current double aberration in a stock and currency sequence.

Last year in January 2015 I alerted readers to a report “Currency Patterns For 50% Profits or More”.

This report explained a thirty-year procession of events that made the US dollar highly over priced.

The report showed good value stock markets, in other currencies that could add an extra 50% profit. By the beginning of 2016, the dollar sequence had progressed and profits have begun to flow as the US dollar began dropping against major currencies, such as the yen and the euro.

To explain this immediate opportunity I am conducting a webinar “How to Grab Sequential Currency Profits” on Wednesday June 22, at 8pm Eastern Daylight time. There is NO fee. This online seminar is FREE, but reservations are limited.

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