Ecuador Living Renewal

You can take advantage of a special Ecuador Living renewal offer until April 30, 2011. This special WILL expire at midnight on April 30 2011.

Ecuador Club

Having an Ecuador Living subscription is like belonging to a private club that helps you save time and money…gain security, safety, contacts and friends in Ecuador.

Until April 30, 2011 you can renew for only $79 and save $40.

Ecuador Living subscription is normally $119 per annum, but you can renew here and save $40 and lock-in the $79 price for the future.

Subscribe Here $79.

Extra Benefits

Not only have new computer programs allowed us to thank you, our loyal subscribers, with this discounted renewal (new members still pay $119), but we have expended our services to you as well.

You gain 11 benefits when you subscribe as an Ecuador Livings subscriber.

Benefit #1: Get discounts on real estate all over Ecuador.  We are communicating with a number of developers with exciting real estate projects around Ecuador.  The purchasing power of our reader base… and the fact that we do not accept any commissions means we can often get a discount for you.


Ecuador real estate has all ranges like these luxury houses in the Andes,


with its charming clubhouse for…


only $91,105.

If you prefer the coast, these Ecuador beach condos with…


club house dining, swimming, spa and tennis are special.

Ecuador Beach-Apartment

Clubhouse dining room.

Every unit has a sea view and the condos are only…


$79,000 including easily obtained finance.

For instance subscribers receive

For those on a tighter budget, we continually look for lower priced property and give subscribers early warnings before we send details to our larger list.

For example, we let subscribers know about this Ecuador beach apartment with…


this view for…



The broker was overwhelmed with enquiries but a subscriber was able to lock this up due to the early warning.

Here are budget condos in the Andes in the city of Cuenca that are just…


four blocks from the center of town.


Quality is not lacking. The asking price is only $44,000.

We have contacts in all the major areas of Ecuador who can help subscribers.

There are really great opportunities in rural and agriculture property as well.


Here is an organic producing tomato farm purchased by an Ecuador Living subscriber for $85,000.


The benefits of Ecuador Living go far beyond the ability to purchase houses, condos and farms at a low price because Ecuador really does have it all!

Subscribers gain some excellent savings if they take a Galapagos cruise. The savings can amount to…


thousands of dollars on the…


best yacht cruises.

Your Ecuador Living subscription makes it easy for you to know and enjoy Ecuador in the fastest, safest, lowest cost, most efficient way. As a subscriber are able to get in touch with our contacts developed over 15 years… guides, attorneys, doctors, dentists, alternative and complimentary healers, real estate sellers and apartment/condo owners, guides, airlines, hotels and so much more.

Plus you obtain great savings when you are in Ecuador because Ecuador Living has a team there Ecuador to serve you.

If you have an interest in traveling, investing, living, buying property or doing business in Ecuador, a subscription to brings many benefits. One huge benefit in using our service versus relying on brokers or travel agents is that we are not selling real estate. We do not accept commissions. We can get excellent prices on real estate because the owner knows that we will not accept commissions.

For our modest subscription, you get our honest opinion based on 43 years of international business and 15 years of living, traveling, investing and doing business in Ecuador.

You gain access to our extensive contacts plus you get to share the input from over 25,000 subscribers. You reach Ecuador’s real estate market in the most efficient way.

Benefit #2: You are provided a password to receive exclusive updates about what is going on in Ecuador.

Benefit #3: You are entitled to a free nights stay (worth $72) at Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores) in Cotacachi in the Andes. (Your fourth night is free the first time three nights are booked.)

Benefit #4: You are also entitled to free use of wireless internet at the Inn and the VOIP phone system (free calls to Europe, Canada and the US) even if you do not stay at the hotel.

Benefit #5: The Relais & Chateaux La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa in Cotacachi also offers upgrades our members on a space available basis.

Benefit #6: We provide discounts at three Quito hotels. Most vistors to Ecuador stay at least two nights (arriving and leaving) so the hotel savings alone can exceed the cost of subscription.

One of the hotels is the boutique hotel, Quito Stubel Suites & Café. See more below on the Stubel and its incredible views.


Stubel Suites and Cafe

There are other Quito hotel benefits at the gorgous Boutique Hotel Mansion del Angel Quito as well.

In Cuenca two hotels offer discounts to our readers…. the Vila Nova Inn and El Dorado Hotel.

On the coast numerous hotels also provide discounts to Ecuador Living subscribers.

Benefit #7: Early warnings on special real estate deals. Over a decade and a half we have come to know Ecuador real estate values pretty well. When we see properties listed that we believe are of special value, we inform subscribers first.

For example, we recently spotted the Ecuador beach apartment above near Malecon selling for…


$25,000. We gave our subscribers an early password protected note advisory so they knew this was available.

Benefit #8: Huge Savings on Galapagos Cruises.

Ecuador Living works with Haugan Cruises, the largest online seller of Galapagos cruises, to provide subscribers with great Galapagos cruise deals. Then you can save up to $554 more!

Ecuador Living premium subscribers save another 15% off the already low Ecuador cruise prices shown. Most travel agents charge 10% to 15% commission when they offer Galapagos cruises. We do not and pass the 15% discount along to our premium subscribers who help support this site instead.

Here are two examples. You can take a 4 day cruise on the Galaven, normally $1,195 per person for just $598 per person. Ecuador Living premium subscribers get another $89 discount so the cruise is an incredibly low $509 per person.


If you choose a premium cruises, an eight day luxury Athala cruise is normally $4,695. The discounted price shown above is $3,695. Ecuador Living subscribers receive an additional $554 discount so this creme de la creme eight day cruise is only $3,141.


The Athala


Benefit #9: Amazon Savings.

La Selva Jungle Lodge is one of the best lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon and owners, Eric and Maggie Schwartz, offer Ecuador Living several special privileges.

The lodge is rustic and authentic… in operation since the 1980s and…


offers incredible eco tours… jungle treks… free birding… wonderful cuisine… a true adventure that supports the indigenous community and environment.


The lodge is comfortable plus…


there is an indigenous…


spa and much more.

Benefit #10: Extra security as well as savings. Your Ecuador Living membership helps you gain the most efficient access to Ecuador’s real estate, tours, opportunities and contacts.

You save time. When your time is limited, you cannot afford to wait or worse miss seeing what you want because a seller or tour guide is a no show or you cannot find a location. The A Team Ecuador can help review your activity in advance. We have helped thousands of subscribers travel to Ecuador so we know the most efficient, least expensive and enjoyable ways to travel.

Plus someone who is multi lingual is always available!

You Save Money! Having taken thousands of delegates to see Ecuador real estate and on literally every type of tour over the past decade, we know what prices should be. Subscribers can avoid overpriced tours and property.

You gain hotel discounts and savings on guide and taxi fares because our readership represents buying power. Your savings alone is easily worth more than the cost of the subscription.

Sellers, tour agents and professionals know our reputation for bringing buyers to Ecuador and that we do not charge commissions so they often give our subscribers excellent deals because Ecuador Living is like free advertising for them.

Benefit #11: You Gain Enhanced Safety.  We send a huge amount of business to tour guides.  We send them business because they know which areas in Ecuador are to be avoided. They know which restaurants could make you ill.

Plus we maintain a larger list of English speaking Ecuador attorneys who have successfully helped many delegates buy real estate and conduct business deals as well as obtain visas and residence.

Finally, several Ecuador attorneys leave their cell phones on for our subscribers 24-7. We offer can offer a friend in Ecuador if anything goes wrong. And there is one more BIG benefit to becoming an Ecuador Living subscriber that comes under the title “Whatever it takes.”

We do what we can to make Ecuador a wonderful experience. Take for example the true story of one subscriber who had his carry on suitcase stolen. He lost everything, passport, wallet, car keys, credit card, driver’s license.

He was stranded on a Sunday morning with $3 left in his pocket.

Fortunately he called our headquarters in Cotacachi.

We called our longterm friend and attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova, in Quito one of the many contacts we provide to our subscribers. Andres immediately left his Sunday afternoon lunch and within the hour had picked up our delegate given him $200 cash and sent him back to us in Cotacachi. (The US Embassy would not help the delegate until the next Monday). We gave him another $450 and put him up for two more nights at the Land of the Sun Inn.

When he arrived back home he wrote:

“Hi , Well, I made it back and I really, really appreciate your helping me out. It relieved a lot of potential stress, and the whole incident was a wake-up call to crises preparedness.

“What is the best way to return the money to you? I have a new Amex card now (still waiting for the VISA card), or I could send a personal check or wire. This is what I have listed that you paid out for me to get me back home in comfort:

First cash loan          $200.00

Second cash loan     $450.00

Taxi to Meson          $  55.00

Taxi to Quito            $ 55.00

2 nights Meson        $100.00

1 night Quito            $  54.90

Total                           $914.90

“Again thanks. You were lifesavers. Eric”

We hope you’ll never need this 11th benefit but if required your A Team Ecuador is there for you.
Ecuador has it all. You can have all this for even less in a more efficient and safer way. Having an Ecuador Living subscription is like belonging to a private club that helps you save time and money… gain security, safety, contacts and friends in Ecuador.

Subscribe Here $79.

Ecuador Hotels where we can obtain discounts or upgrades on a space available basis.

Quito Mansion del Angel


Quito Stubel Suites & Cafe


Cotacachi La Mirage

Cotacachi Inn Land of the Sun

Meson de las flores
Cuenca Villa Nova Inn
Cuenca El Dorado Hotel

San Clemente Palmazul

ecuador beach rentals

Bahia Casa Grande Oceanfront Boutique Hotel
Bahia Casa Ceibo

Monticristi Balcones de Cerro

Amazon La Selva Jungle Lodge

Manta Vistadelmar


Ecuador has it all… for living, opportunity, travel, better health, beauty, peacefulness or an adventure!

Ecuador Living makes it all easier, safer and less expensive… plus right now saves you an extra $40.

Renew here for $79. This special link expires April 30, 2011.