Ecuador Living Benefits

Thanks for subscribing to Ecuador Living.

There are many benefits you have just gained.  Please see below how to access all of these Ecuador Living benefits.

The first benefit is access to the password protected archives.

You will need a password to access member-protected content.

Ecuador Living premium sent you a personalized private password.

#1: Some messages we email to you are password protected. Only paid subscribers receive them.  Once you have used your password, the computer may recognize that your email address belongs to a subscriber.  If so, our system will not ask for the password again.  If it does not recognize your address, simply retype in your password.

#2: Often we’ll send a message to all our readers such as our monthly real estate MLS but will omit contacts or address for general readership. Only you as a subscriber can access these contacts and addresses.

In these instances… a password protected link to the contacts will be within the message. You can see an example of this at

You will read in these messages:  “Ecuador Living subscribers can access more information and sellers of these properties with their password here.”  This would then take you to the password protected page that does have all the contacts.  As an example:

#3: There are many password protected reports available only to paid subscribers.

All of these are available to you as a paid subscriber.  Here are the current reports…we regularly add more.

Ecuador Pet Requirements
Shipping to Ecuador
Legal Checklist

There are several ways to access these password protected archives.

One is to simply type key phrases in the search window (upper right at relating to your questions… such as “attorneys” or “mls” and look for password protected posts.

Take for example the phrase “salinas beach”. On the first page of posts displayed when this phrase is searched, the title of the article “Ecuador Beach House Near Salinas”  is protected.


The 2nd  way to access password protected data  is to go to the Ecuador handbook at

The handbook leads to 21 basic areas of Ecuador.  Each area then has links to further password protected information for you.

#4: Our staff will provide personal responses to your questions.  Non subscribers do not get personal replies to their questions. With over 25,000 addresses on our list, we have hundreds of emails a day coming in.

When you write us, be sure to type in “EL” or “sunshine” in the subject line. If you fail to do this, you may get a computerized standard reply instead of the personalized reply we reserve for paid subscribers.

#5:  We also help subscribers gain hotel discounts in the most visited parts of Ecuador.

You are entitled to a free nights stay (worth $72) at Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores) in Cotacachi. The fourth night is free the first time three nights are booked.  Just ask for this benefit when booking or signing in at the hotel.

You are also entitled to free use of wireless internet at the Inn and the VOIP phone system at the inn (free calls to Europe, Canada and the US) even if you do not stay at the hotel.

The Relais & Chateaux La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa in Cotacachi also offers a discount, upgrades on space available and other benefits (free bottle of wine).

Other hotels that currently provide discounts to subscribers include:                                                                                                                       T Radisson.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The charming boutique hotel, Stubel Suites in Quito, with balconies and suites reduce their rates drastically…currently they are $55 a night plus Ecuadorian tax.

The Boutique Hotel Mansion del Angel Quito reduces their price by $42 a night and gives space available upgrades.
In Cuenca ,two hotels offer discounts to our readers:

Villa Nova Inn
El Dorado

Plus there are numerous other hotels that give discounts.

To obtain discounts be sure to let us know in advance.  Email:

And another benefit which is priceless:

We offer a friend in Ecuador if anything goes wrong. This is one more BIG benefit to becoming an Ecuador Living subscriber that comes under the title “Whatever it takes.”

We do what we can to make Ecuador a wonderful experience.  Take for example the true story of one subscriber who had his carry on suitcase stolen.  He lost everything, passport, wallet, car keys, credit card, driver’s license.

He was stranded on a Saturday morning with $3 left in his pocket.

Fortunately, he called to Land of the Sun hotel in Cotacachi.

We then called our friend and attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova in Quito,  one of the many contacts we provide to our subscribers.  Andres immediately left his Saturday afternoon lunch and within the hour had picked up our delegate given him $200 cash and sent him back to us in Cotacachi (The US Embassy would not help the delegate until the next Monday.)  We gave him another $450 and put him up for two more nights at the hotel.

When he arrived back home he wrote:

Hi, Well, I made it back and I really, really appreciate your helping me out. It relieved a lot of potential stress, and the whole incident was a wake-up call to crises preparedness.

What is the best way to return the money to you? I have a new Amex card now (still waiting for the VISA card), or I could send a personal check or wire. This is what I have listed that you paid out for me to get me back home in comfort:

First cash loan          $200.00
second cash loan     $450.00
Taxi to Meson          $  55.00
Taxi to Quito            $  55.00
2 nights Meson        $100.00
1 night hotel Quito   $ 54.90
Total                         $914.90

Again thanks. You were lifesavers.  Eric”

You can get the list of Ecuador attorneys that subscribers have used here.

We hope you’ll never need this benefit but if required we are there… your friends in Ecuador.

The A Team Ecuador