Natural Gift Reminder Service

A good memory is key to success in everything but…have you ever awakened in a cold sweat and realized that a loved one’s birthday was…yesterday.

You are not alone!  Forgetfulness has become a plague created by technology and the stress of our fast paced world.

The Franklin Institute which researches learning writes about “Stress and Memory”:

“Chronic over-secretion of stress hormones adversely affects brain function, especially memory. Too much cortisol can prevent the brain from laying down a new memory, or from accessing already existing memories.”

Natural Reminders has the cure because the same technology that creates stress can also help your memory and make you loved just a bit more. Our new Natural Reminders service allows you to plug to in as many birthdays, anniversaries and other important events as you wish and will automatically send Fresh Ecuador roses from you to the one’s you love.

Here is how Natural Reminders works.

  1. Add your name and email address to the free reminder service signup form (below)
  2. Add up to 5 reminder dates that you’d like to set-up (we’ll add more in future if the service proves popular)
  3. We’ll email you about 10 days before each event with a link where you can order natural gifts like Ecuador Roses

Here’s what your completed form may look like:

Never forget a loved one again.  Be naturally gifted with Natural Reminders.

Start your reminder program here:

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