Current Ecuador Real Estate MLS May 2013

MLS Ecuador Living Property Rentals and Sales – May 2013

New Properties

Manta Luxury Condo  with Ocean View – $76,000

manta condo

Near La Ruta del Sol the “NEREA” condo complex is one of the most modern buildings in Manta.

manta condo

This luxury condo offers you 1 bedroom with a double size bed, wooden wardrove, full bathroom with two entrances: one by bedroom and other by living room to keep your privacy down. Kitchen equipated with shelves, 1 Chromed refrigerator, 1 chromed microwave oven, 1 kitchenette, 1 gas stove oven; 1 TV 50″, living and dinner room furniture, 1 DVD,   2 A/C  (12000 BTU- Electrolux): one in the bedroom and other in the living room.

manta condo

Security Guard 24 hours for your protection, relax area with a large pool, or walk by the Malecón  or explore downtown.

manta condo

Condo Unfurnished: $76,000
Condo furnished $86,000

For more information contact Floridalva Zambrano at FLORIFLORI58@YAHOO.ES


New Private Small Farm

10 hectare, (24.7 acre)…

Jama Ecuador farm image

farm that is very

Jama Ecuador farm image

multi dimensional.

The farm has…

Jama Ecuador farm image

a large restaurant and…

Jama Ecuador farm image

seven cabins surrounding

the swimming…

Jama Ecuador farm image


This acreage is located near Canoa and is…

Jama Ecuador farm image

an eco lodge and a farm for growing crops.

Jama Ecuador farm image

The land borders a river that has water with good quality certified by a well known, reputable French company.

For details contact Jean Marie Butterlin at


Villa  With  a Secret Garden on Ecuador’s Coast

San Clemente villa

The exterior is a tribute to local modern architecture.

Most visitors traveling to Ecuador’s coast land in Quito first and spend the night.  See an update on Quito’s new airport after this paid advertisement for a villa in Merri’s and my favorite beach village… San Clemente, on Ecuador’s coast.

This 2 Bedroom villa has an office, open living space, dining room & kitchen, hobby room and more… including a secret garden.

San Clemente villa

Interior: Classy, functional and comfortable.

The villa is close to the beach, close to public transportation in a safe neighborhood.

There is a “secret garden”: a hidden addition to the bedroom, completely screened in with a nice outdoor shower and room for 2 comfortable chairs.

San Clemente villa

The secret garden.

At the front of the house another room (a bodega) serves as a nice hobby room, with many electric outlets and for additional storage.

Outfitted to standards for US or Canadian residents including 4 separate air conditioners and a good hot water system.

San Clemente villa

Dining area.

The modern kitchen has a gas range, microwave, refrigerator, and exhaust system.

San Clemente villa


The floor-area outside the house is completely tiled and easy to maintain.

Price $79,900

To see full details and more photos of this San Clemente villa click here San Clemente Villa.

or write Volkhard Neumann at


Mindo Emergency Sale

This Mindo house is a perfect rental unit for bird watchers, has an incredible view surrounded by nature.  Mindo is considered the paradise of the world for birdwatching. Near the house is the Mindo Nambillo Protected Forest. The house is stunning in its design and setting. Another important thing is that the house is new.

Mindo House


The owners are Australian and had to return there due to a serious health problem.

The house was built two years ago and furnsihed to a high standard (see power point below) but has not been lived in because the Australian owners had to return there due to the husband’s health problems.

They have now written: Gary, We are writing this letter to ask for your assistance in the selling of our house in Mindo.

As mentioned on the phone, Shyam had a stroke recently here in Australia, and as a result we are unable to return to live in our house in Mindo, Ecuador.

Therefore, we are willing to negotiate any reasonable offer, even if it is below our costs.

Attached is a powerpoint presentation with the details of the house.  Just click below.


For further details or to make any offer contact the owners directly: Shyam and Pramila Tripathi at

Privacy and Serenity within a Cotacachi Gated Community


Front Entrance.

Ecuador: Cotacachi Home for Sale located in desirable San Miguel Casas y Jardines.

Our neighbor to the east is La Mirage, one of the top ten spas in the world where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine and/or a fabulous massage. Surrounded by farmland, the location provides a quiet, rural atmosphere within a gated community, yet it’s only a short 10 minute walk to town.

Lovely 1400 sq ft adobe home featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 baths separated by a large living room/dining room open plan layout.


View into Dining Area.

The perimeter wall with large entry gate allows for a special level of privacy and security and encloses the front patio /2 car parking area.


Back Yard.

The views of Mt. Cotacachi and Mt. Imbabura are spectacular.  Cotacachi is just over 60 min. taxi ride from the new international airport featuring daily direct flights to Miami -just 4 hours away.


Mt. Cotacachi -View from yard.

Features: 4 fireplaces, 1 in each bedroom, 1 outside on the front porch and a beautiful central fireplace in the living room.


Living Room Fireplace.

Floors are easy care ceramic tile.

High wood beamed ceilings w/ custom light fixtures.


Living Room.

Enclosed back porch with 2 large built-in storage cabinets. Bodega includes washer/dryer and storage space.

Outdoor covered patio in the back yard.


Backyard Patio.

Marble kitchen floor and countertops, wood cabinets and plenty of storage space.  Stove and refrigerator included.



Large built-in armoires in both bedrooms.

24/7 security

Three meter high wall and large wood/metal gate enclose the property which is approx 1140 sq meters (12276 sq ft)
Spacious patio area in the front allows for parked vehicles.


Front Yard.

Included is 2008 Chevy D-Max truck in a very good condition, just over 80K km driven (some 50K miles), new tires, AC, power windows, excellent sound system.
If you’re over the age of 65, Ecuadorian driver’s license is not required.

Low taxes – under $60/yr.

Inexpensive utilities – gas, water, electric.

From both front and back yards, you’ll have outstanding views of  Mt Cotacachi and Mt Imbabura.

The home is a convenient 10 minute walk to the down town area for shopping, entertainment and restaurants.

Price: $153,800. Price without truck included: $144,000.

Contact: Corinne Forsner


Two Ecuador properties for sale in Quito and Otavalo.


Hacienda Bougainvillea is an expansive estate in world-famous Otavalo, Ecuador.

This 8-bedroom, 7-bath property is an excellent investment as a bed and breakfast, weekend get-a-way for family gatherings and special events, or as a full-time executive home.

Located one hour north of the new Marsical Sucre International Airport in Quito, Hacienda Bougainvillea is a 5-minute drive from South America’s world-renowned Otavalo Market, and is within 20 minutes of Cotacachi. The property is surrounded by the tranquil Rio Blanco River and overlooks Mount Imbabura, one of Ecuador’s most spectacular sights.


Complete with a horse barn and stables, immaculate gardens and administrator and service quarters, Hacienda Bougainvillea features a large restaurant-style kitchen fully equipped for serving dozens of guests.

List price for this property is $875,000.

A greater collection of Hacienda Bougainvillea photos can be viewed at

Serious inquiries about this property may be directed to




Also for sale is this exquisite 2-BR, 2-BA condominium located in one of Quito’s most desireable areas.

Private parking and 24-hour security are added benefits to this, 1,750 square-foot listing. Enjoy the view overlooking the mountains, or take advantage of all there is to offer in the fully custom kitchen complete with restaurant style gas range, refrigerator and microwave.

Listed at $180,00, this condo unit is within minutes of some of Quito’s nicest conveniences and attractions.


Additional photos may be viewed at and inquiries may be sent to


We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. Also we want to be sure that you check the claims of the developer/seller and make sure that you are satisfied. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.

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New Puerto Cayo Beach Condos for $99,000

Ecuaor beach depiction

Artist depiction of “Peaceful Summit”.

Peaceful Summit is now building units for sale on the shores of the Pacific Ocean; ocean and beach at your front door. I f you wish to own a place to retire or just vacation, we have a unit for you. By making a pre-construction purchase, you will have the opportunity to choose your color scheme.

Ecuaor beach depiction

Price, Dimensions, Location & Payment Plans

The location is Puerto Cayo, 1,400 sq. ft. units, with prices starting at $99,900. 
3 bedrooms, 3 baths, open floor plans, Pagodas with hammocks and refreshment bars.

Readers of this ad can receive a $750 pre construction discount.

Payment plans as follows: $2,500 deposit to hold your condo; 25% at beginning of construction; 50% upon completion and the balance at time of closing.

These condos are built to American standards; top notch materials, superior workmanship, with energy conservation in mind [Tank less water heaters].  The common areas, such as pools, are powered by the sun.  2 units will be completed April 2013, with one already sold, the first floor is still available.

There are only 7 units, so share your private beach with 6 other families, plenty of room to roam. Unlike other condos in the coast of Ecuador that are Ocean view, these condos are Ocean Front; walk from your bedroom right into your wonderful PRIVATE beach.


Peaceful Summit Apartment layout.

For details email me Maria Blount at

or call 239-674-7988  See our website at



Beautiful cottage is located in the San Joaquin area which is around a 5 minute drive into the center of Cuenca where you can stock up on all the amenities you may need for day to day living.

San Joaquin offers country style living only minutes from el centro. While described as a cottage, while it has 1722sq,ft  with three bedrooms and two full sized bathrooms.

cottage San Joaquin Ecuador

Included in the layout of this house is a nice living and dining area with a cozy warm feel and an open plan kitchen.

cottage San Joaquin Ecuador

Alongside the house is a laundry room, bodega and an extra social area with sofas, TV and an outdoor fireplace.

cottage San Joaquin Ecuador

This house also includes a loft which is an ideal area to use as a play room or even an office space for those that wish to study or work in privacy.

Outside includes a nice size patio and garden area with space for several cars to park and a gated entrance. The garden area of this house is 6500 square feet of land giving plenty of space for children to play or the owner to incorporate a garden and grow their own produce.

Asking price is $150,000.

For more details contact Stephen Milden at



Working farm for sale near Esmeraldas Ecuador with a river running through it

This email was sent to me.

We have a farm to sell near Esmeraldas

Ecuador farm image

click on photos to enlarge.

It is 112 hectares, (276 acres) with a small cottage.

Ecuador farm image

It produces bananas, avocados, mangos, cocoa, plantains, mandarin oranges and coconuts. It has electricity and water.

Ecuador farm image

There is open pasture and a river 30 metres wide running through it. The farm is on the river Teaone …it is about 40 km south from Esmeraldas, via Vuelta Larga Tabiazo parish after parish Carlos Concha,

Ecuador farm image

There is a tenant farmer who lives in the home on the property. It is located about 40 km south of Esmeraldas, via Vuelta Larga Tabiazo parish after parish Carlos Concha,  taking the detour of Atacames, the road to the left leads to the property.

We are entertaining offers north of $250,000.

Contact Jean Marie Butterlin at


Ecuador apartment rental units in Cotacachi.

We have been getting many requests for apartments rentals in Ecuador.

This is a 4,000 square foot building in the center of Cotacachi, next to Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores) and the main Cathedral with three rental units.

Unit #1 is on the first and second floor.


The first floor has a living area, dining and


kitchen and… two bathrooms. There is an open high ceiling with a mezzanine.


a second floor bathroom and bedroom upstairs.

Unit #2 is a two bedroom unit is on the third floor.

This is the living room.


This is fully furnished with…


two bedrooms and or office/den and…


balcony. The kitchen has hardwood cabinets.

Unit #3 is a studio on the 4th floor.

This is a loft studio with great light and an open feel with…


full dining area and…




These floors are among the highest points in the village and views from both units are the best around. Mornings give the sunrise over Mt. Imbabura.


Evenings offer sunset in the east on Mt. Cotacachi. Views are great at night with the village alight. You can see the entire village and both mountains during the day.

This apartment complex is at a central location in Cotacachi directly across from the colonial Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores). This is next to the main plaza and one block from the central plaza.

Units rent for $600 per month including utilities and broadband internet connection.

The rent is $550 a month if rented for three months.

For more information contact Merri at


Newly renovated 2 bedroom house in downtown Cuenca that would make an excellent rental.

This newly refurbished condo is located only 2 blocks from Parque Calderon with it’s beautiful blue domed cathedral which is Cuenca’s answer to Central Park.

cuenca house for sale

Living here you’d have easy access to the many shops found in the downtown district including banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, doctors, dentists, attorneys, etc.

cuenca house for sale

This apartment has two bedrooms and one bath in 1100sq,ft of living area and everything is brand new. As you can see the appliances still have the factory stickers.

cuenca house for sale

There is a good sized living room, dining room and kithen area with an open plan featuring large picture windows looking out over the city and extending across to the Andes mountains.

All this for an asking price of $105,000

For more details contact Stephen Milden at


Ecuador Amazon Home With B&B or Small Farm Potential for Sale

American built and owned rustic contemporary 2500 sq ft new construction (2011) 3 bedroom / 3 ½ bath exposed brick home sits on 2.5 acres of jungle habitat complete with cacao, coffee, lemon and banana trees, and the occasional monkey.  The living space consists of a large American style kitchen with a center island and granite countertops, an airy dining & living room with 14 ft ceilings that open to a large covered porch in the midst of tropical vegetation, a study/media room, laundry room, and pantry.

This furnished home is complete with full amenities including outdoor barbeque, washer / dryer, centralized gas, monitored alarm system, internet and Direct TV, and is located 6 miles from the city of Tena, and a short walk to the scenic Napo River.

Tena, the kayak and white water rafting capital of Ecuador, is also the springboard to the Amazon.  Visitors enjoy jungle tours, or visit nearby waterfalls and Indigenous communities to learn about Quechan traditions and typical foods like guayusa tea, chicha drink and mitos (fish or other meal cooked in large leaves over a fire).

An excellent investment opportunity for a family home or start-up bed and breakfast.  Owners possess legal property deed.  Opportunity to purchase additional land.

amazon home & farm

Open style living and dining area with 14 ft ceilings.

amazon home & farm

Large covered porch with sliding door access from the living area and studio.

amazon home & farm

Master bath with tub set in river stone.

amazon home & farm

2nd floor bedrooms with ceiling fans

This wonderful home sits on 2.5 acre land.

amazon jungle home

Jungle vegetation surrounding this Ecuador Amazon home for sale.

amazon home & farm

banana, coffee and…

amazon home & farm

cacao and lemon trees, as well as tropical flowers.

Asking price:  $200K, fully furnished with property deed.        

I came to the Ecuadorian Amazon from the US as a missionary physical therapist, and in 2006 I founded a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities at the local hospital in Tena.  Later I met and married an Ecuadorian doctor and we have a 4 year old daughter (who is currently learning Quechan dancing).  We tailor-built this home for entertaining in the Amazon, and for cultivating the local culture and vegetation.  My 10 year venture as a non-profit organization is coming to a close and relocating, so it is with sadness that I look for a new owner to occupy our wonderful home.

For more information please contact:; telephones (Ecuador) 011 593 62844 133 / 0984827203


Million dollar Ecuador beach construction deal.

There is construction opportunity in the Vistazul complex.

vistazul ecuador

Entrance to Vistazul.  (Click on photos to enlarge)


Vistazul is comprised of 38 condos overlooking a wide expanse of beach on Ecuador’s Pacific Ocean.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

The Club House has been complete since 2008.  The Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel & Spa is a stylish and brand new hotel which opened in January 2008 and represents a new trend in Ecuador where local artisan work is combined with luxury and comfort.  The hotel has been updated in 2012.

Residents have access to relaxing massages and aromatherapy at the Arena spa and can stay  fit with its 60 foot swimming pool, tennis court and beach walking.


Club house infinity pool on the beach.

The original developer sent me this note.

Gary, I would like to sell  the remaining “alicuotas”in my project.   These are the approved rights to build on the land we own.   Everything is ready to  transfer of this the “alicuotas” which gives the builder the permit to build 32 two story units in six different buildings. These can be built down by the road, up the hill or in a combination.

Most of the infrastructure for the expansion is ready or will be soon.

The only cost for a builder will be the construction + some internal roads and landscaping.

Construction cost should not be higher that $ 350-400/m2 (appx. $35 to $40 per square foot).   Existing units are selling in the $80,000 each range.  I receive many requests and believe  that completed units will sell well especially if financing is offered.

This gives a possible profit of $1,000,000 for an experienced builder.

I am asking for $300,000 cash or will subordinate payment to sale of construction at a rate of $13,000 per unit built.  Kjetil Haugan

See Ecuador beach deal

For retal listings and more real estate for sale, click here.