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Inflation is robbing the purchasing power of our currencies.

Baby boomers have started to retire. Many of their pensions and social security will be severely squeezed by inflation, leaving these people with one of five options.

  1. Keep working
  2. Move to less expensive areas within the US
  3. Export their retirement
  4. Live in near poverty
  5. Invest in better ways

The best investment is in yourself and your ability to earn wherever you live or go.

This is why we have designed three courses to help readers turn their passion to profit.  Learn how to do what you love and earn income in the process. 60 million boomers will retire over the next 20 years. We boomers are the most spoiled group of consumers as a demographic class that has ever existed on earth. We were promised the world. We were given the world. Now the magic is about to disappear.

Those who learn how to use modern technology have the best chance for truly enjoying golden years as they enjoy earning extra income.

To help our readers earn extra income we have created three courses.

Learn more about them here.

How to have an international business.

How to have a self publishing business.

How to have a web based business.