Pi Update 8-2023

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Archives

Here are the August 2023 Keppler Country Value Updates

8-2023 Keppler Development Market Value Update

8-2023 Keppler Emerging Market Value Update

Does it seem hard to keep up with it all?

The numbers above provide us the important anchor of value.

In a rapidly changing world, with growing word and image inflation, current realities often conflict with values we gained during our formative years. This can make it difficult to accept new realities.

We can’t totally lean on old understandings that lead to rejection of new realities.

This can create inflexibility, a destructive trait when flexibility is needed more than ever before.  A key to success in our rapidly changing world is adaptation!.

Here’s a simple step that might help become more flexible, mentally, and maybe physically (the mind and body really are connected).

Here’s the step: “start the day waking up your will power!”

We all have something that can reinforce our will.  For me its getting in my creek.


I have a morning routine (meditation, yoga and and an uphill hike) that my natural sloth tries to talk me out of, EVERY DAY.  It’s always hard for me to get going… has been for over 50 years.  I would like to sleep in.  I would like to sit around and drink coffee.

Take a plunge. Jump into life!


This is my wake up call.  I get in my creek (unheated swimming pool in winter).  When I leave that cold water I am no longer cold, sluggish… nor afraid.  I have washed my lethargy away.  If I can get in that creek, I can do anything.

Then I try to saunter through life.  (The origins of saunter suggest it means “to wonder or muse, to be in a state of reverie.walk with a leisurely gait, a leisurely stroll, a ramble.  This word may spring from à la sainte terre, and has a reflection of  having no settled home.)

This approach blends two seemingly opposite qualities, an anchor (of value), carried on a journey with no settled home.  When we can combine these seemingly opposite traits, we are ready to adapt to and enjoy our changing world.

In this way we can take it as it comes… a valuable trait in times that seem unsettled when measured by our early values.

Best to ya!