Pi Update 7-2023

by | Jul 14, 2023 | Archives

Summer’s here. It’s hot and we are seeing huge changes in the big picture.  Increased political and global diplomatic tensions and new disruptive technology, alterations in communications (such as the lost of faith in the printed word and photo) require additional review.

We have to adjust our thinking, beliefs, habits and action.

Record heat waves globally.  Unheard of rains, floods, pestilence and famine, not to mentioned growing political and military tension.  Places that once seemed safe are flooded or have become torrid furnaces. Others are filled with smoke or engulfed in flame.

This all requires thought, rethinking and flexibility again and again!

We should make no assumptions, nor take any belief for granted.  This all takes time and requires some form of stability.  We each need some anchor of belief, something that we can hold onto that is immutable and not subject to change.

I am assuming that most readers today are in a situation similar to mine, main income comes from investing, sufficient capital to last our lifetime (if we don’t do something stupid) and dependent somewhat (or a lot) on others for advice.

Nature seeks the easiest path.  That’s an immutable law (I think).  Everything wants the maximum result with the least effort. A fundament of Nature is to always follows the easiest path.  That’s my basis for believing in all things of value.

Following value in equities makes the process easier (ETFs make it less expensive due to their low fees) and i continue to invest in ETFs that invest in value shares.

This saves time which is a diminishing asset that I wish to maximize to its full potential in actions and thought beyond picking specific shares, or trying to time markets of know the unknowable or see into the future.

Take the EZ (determined by value) path and have good luck in the future!

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