Pi and a Seasonal Note

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Archives

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Here’s a thought worth sharing this holiday season.

After Merri passed last October, we have been doing a lot of deep cleaning in the house.

In her last months, Merri took to writing notes… everywhere.  I have found notes written on walls, on pillows, even on a table cloth.

Last week Janet Merri’s nurse who has stayed on to help me clear everything up found this note, Merri had written, tucked in the back of a drawert in a writing desk.


Sometimes I feel she wanted to share the core thoughts that drove her life with us.  So these words she left in her final days might have meaning for you during this holiday season.

I have not totally understood all her words yet but I dwell on them often and think I get the drift of what she was trying to share.

Here’s my translation of her words:

“Let our life shine as bright as possible by taking less and giving more.

Your dreams have come true, all of them, already. To manifest them right now, Just reach out and find them. Pluck them out of the air.

Life is wonderfully delightful and you are very redone, regenerated and remade to a higher standard.

Let details go and retain naturalness beauty and goodness.

All is well and make much real joy out of nowhere.

No need to cook or quit or care but work there with a good talk life awaits you.

Let all talk of nothing go and gain your positive and goodness beauty”

I hope you have happy holidays and every joy in 2023.