A Message From Beyond

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Thanks to all of you who have sent such heartfelt notes of sorrow and comfort.

I’m doing OK having had years to prepare. Of course there are tears but mostly of joy that we had such an incredible journey together.

Gary Scott

Always working together.

And Merri has created two good stories already. She’s not one to let a mundane thing like physical death get in the way of helping me find my correct path to continue our purpose.

First I’ve been hit by a wave of friends and clients, way more than usual, who with no knowledge of her passing, were just checking in.

But the best story is that I was expecting some message from Merri.  We have always paid attention to animal symbolism.  I have shared thoughst on this idea many time at this website.  Here’s just three of many such posts.

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So, I was waiting to see what symbols I could gain from the first wild animal that crossed my path.

It did not take long.

Merri passed Saturday morning so I didn’t sleep a lot that night and Sunday morning when I went to the bathroom there was a tiny tree frog sitting on the toilet.

Frog symbolism says:

Frog symbolism is found around the world. Frogs remind us of many things such as transformation, change, new beginnings, and adaptability.

Frogs guide to help us through changes in your life. Frog symbolism is also considered to be a sign of good luck and money.

Frogs are seen by many as a sign that urges us to stay strong as we go through a transitional stage for great things will soon fall into their rightful place.

Frogs remind us to be observant of our environment and to trust our instincts when certain decisions are needed to be made. Often seen to patiently wait for the most opportune time before it moves to snag its prey, the frog teaches us about the importance of self-control and persistence, as well as a good relationship with the divine for it leads to personal and professional success time and again.

Frogs speak of transition and rebirth, it springs into our presence to inspire spiritual changes that can help cleanse our souls and hearts of the negative thoughts that keep us from successfully achieving a peaceful mind.

Frequently found sitting quietly and using just its eyes to look for prey on its front, back, and sides, the frog lends us its gift of wisdom and intuition to easily recognize our goals and encourage us to use our skills to ensnare them.

Coming at a time of hardship and challenges, this incredible totem animal provides us with the spirit to believe in our own abilities and to take a leap of faith that things will ultimately turn out the way we’ve always desired them to be.

Frogs encourage us to embrace change by leaps and bounds.

I am a lucky man.

So the poem we have chosen for Merri’s memorial is “Miss Me But Let Me Go”.

The final lines in that poem are: “When you are lonely and sick of heart, go to the friends we know. And bury your sorrow in doing good deeds, miss me but let me go.”


Finishing together.

That was Merri for ya… always encouraging good deeds.

I’m going to take that advice that and have some good deeds planned.

Stay tuned.

Merri’s memorial service was streamed online.

Details to join the celebration of her life October 31, 2022 at 11am EST are below.  Gary

Merri Massey Scott
July 30, 1942 – October 15, 2022

merri scott

Merri Massey Scott, age 80, of Umatilla, Florida passed away after a long illness, on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Merri was born July 30, 1942.

Umatilla Florida – Merri Massey Scott, 80, of Umatilla Florida passed away on October 15, 2022.  She was born July 30, 1942 in Macon Georgia, the Daughter of Edmund Carroll Massey, Jr and Jewell (nee Gore) Massey.

She attended Miller High School and Wesleyan College in Macon Georgia.

Mrs. Scott is survived by her loving husband Gary A. Scott and his five children Cheri Hall, Cinda, Scott, Jacob Scott, Francesca Scott and Eleanor Marsden and 5 nephews, most notably Ed Massey and Jody Massey all of whom she loved and cared for a great deal

After creating import and art businesses in Germany, Mexico and the USA, she was executive editor of Gulfshore Life and several SW Florida magazines.  She then joined her husband in a global business that operated for 40 years in England, the Isle of Man, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Ecuador and central Florida.