Peppermint Oil

by | May 8, 2022 | Archives

Over a decade ago Merri and I took a year’s break and lived and studied with the yatchaks and shamans in Ecuador. We wanted to have the knowledge about good living and natural health.

One shaman gave us a this small house so we could live next to his house in his village.

For much of the time we lived on our remote hacienda Rosaspamba near Mindo with a shaman and his apprentices.

Here was the view when we arose from our shack in the morning.

We learned so much about so many parts of natural living.

We brought friends and readers for shamanic healing ceremonies.

One lesson we learned is that the two most powerful and fastest ways to transmit healing energy into the body are through the skin and lungs.

The shamans encourage natural health with essential oils they call Aqua Flora (Floral Water). There are many types for different harmonies and balance.

In these times of economic and social imbalance, a physical naturally healthy balance is more important than ever. Times of turmoil are the best times to build wealth…but we need to remain healthy, energetic, plus emotionally and physically balanced so we can see the way to help and serve (and earn) in troubled times.

One important essential oil is Pure Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita)

This is good to balance digestion-stomach issues, sinuses, headaches, and fatigue.

For example if you are feeling stomach stirrings from too much or bad food, in your palm blend a bit of Jjojoba or sesame oil with peppermint essential oil and gently rub it on your you belly. Put a little of the blend on her nose first and then a little on the temples. This fires the nose-brain connection to support your whole system. The belly rub allows the oils to work through the skin.

This can help with stomach aches, nausea, motion sickness after a rather big lunch, if you feel a little woozie, tired, hungry or just not quite up to par.

Peppermint is a great energizer. just breathe deeply and the oil does the work giving a boost.