The Rush to Higher Ground

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Archives

Profit potential may rise with altitude, sooner than we imagine.

Last week’s message High Ground – High Profit  looked at some logic that suggests that real estate investments at higher altitudes makes sense now.


Huge cracks have formed in the Thwaites Glacier, a Florida-size mass of ice that stretches 75 miles across western Antarctica. And they’re growing.

Researchers warn that the floating tongue of the glacier—which acts as a brace to prop it up—could snap off into the ocean in as little as five years. That could trigger a chain reaction as more and more towering cliffs of ice are exposed and then fracture and collapse. A complete loss of the so-called doomsday glacier could raise ocean levels by two feet—or as much as 10 feet if the collapse drags down surrounding glaciers with it. Either way, it would flood coastal cities around the world, threatening tens of millions of people.