The Power in a Right of Way

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Communication, cooperation, competition, conflict.  Existential actually.

There’s a fine line between cooperation and competition we humans must find and this is a challenge that we as a species must observe and know where to tread.

Capitalism versus communism. Left and the right, conservative and liberal.  The tension between them is based on where is the line.  Do we need more cooperation or more competition?

Humanity’s greatest asset is our ability to communicate so effectively that we can cooperate, even with those far away. That cooperation then gives us the ability to compete globally as well.

We all need to believe in and work, invest and live based on our opinion as to where that line should be.

However we are diminished, as individuals and as a species, and become less effective when we let that line become a wall that turns competition into conflict that ends cooperation.


Recently a message at this site, “Vaccinations or not?” explained why I took the COVID shots.  I certainly did not recommend them. I did not come out in support of any vaccination. In fact I pointed out that I had NOT had any type of vaccination for many decades.

Yet the many responses had nothing to do with the message I intended to share in that post.  Instead the responses were all either supportive of the vaccinations or against that vaccinations.  The writers had totally closed their minds and were in conflict.  Any hope of exchanging in-formation (cooperation) was gone.  There was only conflict.

Let me share an analogy about this line of thought.

I have a number of friends who ride bikes, much more than me.  Some are quite aggressive about how the law gives them the right of way as bike riders on the road.   They stay in the middle of the road and cars be damned.  They have the right of way so cars should slow down or go around when they can.  Its almost a badge of honor to them not be intimidated by cars.

I take a different approach.  My bike weights about 25 pounds and I zip along at about 20 miles an hour.  This creates about 365 foot pounds of energy.  The average car weighs 4000 pound so traveling at 60 mph creates about 500,000 foot pounds of energy.

While on my bike, I do not want my 365 pounds of energy to compete with the half million pounds for right of way with that car!


Here’s the logic I use about right of ways  when I ride.

I ride two to four miles (more days than not) and my first rule of riding is to ride where there are not many cars.

This seems like a logical way to reduce the risk of conflict.

I put on my bright orange vest, (I know my cousin the former paramedic would tell me I should wear a helmet, but I never have and I’m thinking I never will).  I ride out the gates of our home, shoot past the big oak tree (below) and stick to country roads.

Depending on the time of day I might not even see a car.


My bike ride starts here.

My second rule of riding is I listen up for cars coming.   I remain aware!

The third rule is if I hear a car coming, i get off the road and ride in the grass verge.

I have the right of way.

I do not have to get off the road.

That’s the law.

My logic tells me that there is another more serious law, one of nature.  When a car’s 500,000 foot pounds of kinetic energy competes with 265 foot pounds of bike and 160 pounds of human, the the car wins!

I went to high school will Earl Blumenauer who is a congressman in the Portland Oregon area.   Earl’s a big cyclist.  When he originally became a congressman he found bicycling an efficient way to get around Washington, DC so he’s been a big bike right of way proponent.  I suppose I could write to Earl and see if he would make right of way laws for bikes even tougher.

Yet no matter how tough the law… the law of nature… the rules of math… 500,000 against 365 shout at me… “GET OFF THE DARN ROAD”!

If I let my anger at my weakness (versus a car) on a bike close my mind, I could lose a lot!

Car drivers and bikers should cooperate.  They do to a degree. Yet not enough.  That’s why laws and bike lanes are required. Yet no matter how tough the laws, no matter how bright the lines and how wide the lanes, the law of mathematics, 365 to 500,000 should not be ignored.

The harsh reality is we live in an incredibly complex world.   We all like simple stories and a part of our character is to let our emotions have more weight more than thoughts.  The tendency (and error) of most people is to deny the complexity of the world and think in absolute terms.  When we do, we lose our greatest power of thought.

History professor Yuval Noah Harari, wrote about this in “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”.

Harari said: “It takes a lot of courage to fight biases and oppressive regimes, but it takes even greater courage to admit ignorance and venture into the unknown. Secular education teaches us that if we don’t know something, we shouldn’t be afraid of acknowledging our ignorance and looking for new evidence. Even if we think we know something, we shouldn’t be afraid of doubting our opinions and checking ourselves again. Many people are afraid of the unknown, and want clear-cut answers for every question. Fear of the unknown can paralyse us more than any tyrant. People throughout history worried that unless we put all our faith in some set of absolute answers, human society will crumble. In fact, modern history has demonstrated that a society of courageous people willing to admit ignorance and raise difficult questions is usually not just more prosperous but also more peaceful than societies in which everyone must unquestioningly accept a single answer. People afraid of losing their truth tend to be more violent than people who are used to looking at the world from several different viewpoints. Questions you cannot answer are usually far better for you than answers you cannot question.”

The moral of this story is have an open mind.  You don’t have to change beliefs, but no matter what, keep and open mind and examine the whats and whys of opposing beliefs.


We have to share every road we travel in life.  That sharing works best when we have cooperative competition.  This seems to pushe us all towards our best.  When we close our minds to cooperation, (even when the competitors cheat) we lose our most valuable tool (our logic).

Turn any walls you have built back into lines.  Expand your horizons.  Look at bigger pictures. Examine all points of view.  Eliminate polarization of thought.

When you do, your journey towards love, life, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment will be smoother, more effective and you’ll enjoy the ride more.



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(1) Read Wall Street Journal article Ways to Inflate Your IQ

(2) See government grant records on teaching blind persons with the Lozanov method