How I Made an Extra Million Bucks… Twice… & You Can Too!

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Here are three tricks you can use to create a fortune.

I had a stroke of good luck that made me an extra million bucks.  I simply bought a house and lived in it.  It was a great house by the way. I hated to leave it for many reasons.  But the buyers offered a deal I could not refuse, well over a million bucks!

That by the way is trick #1.  Buy a house.  In a minute I’ll share trick #2 and #3 to explain what type of house and why it will be special and extra profitable.

That first profit was luck, but whenever I am lucky, I ask why?  I drill down to understand what took place, why and then try to recreate the good fortune.

The research on that windfall paid off because I tried what I learned and have made more than a million again… two more times.  In fact right now, I’m getting ready to bank an extra $186,432.

Then next month, I expect another $418,412 and another $232,509. the month after and this is just the beginning of extra money that rolling in.

One more quick point.  All that money will be tax deferred.

You can have good luck like this also… in Small Town USA.

Here’s why there is big opportunity in some small, special towns and how to spot them.

In 2017, my report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere (LAEE)” made several outrageous predictions about investing and living in Smalltown USA.  Readers of that report, who used this information, are cashing in with big profits now, four years after the fact.

It’s not too late!

The profitability in the areas I recommended is just beginning.  An interactive “The Fastest Appreciating Real Estate Markets in 2021” mapsite (1) shows how the counties I revealed in my 2017 LAEE report (and “The Neapolitan Effect”) have done well, but are not yet the hottest counties in their respective areas.  Yet.


That map shows that average Lake county Florida real estate prices has increased 13.45% in the last year.

Here’s the secret.  (This is the second trick, get ahead of the appreciation).

The “Neapolitan Effect” report explains why property prices in Lake county have and will continue to rise, but the report also shows that bigger clues can come from researching prices in adjoining counties!

For example next to Lake county, Polk county property prices rose 16.2%.  Nearby Pasco county prices rose a scorching 23.41%!

The same is true for North Carolina, Ashe county which is the second county outlined in my report.  Ashe prices rose 6.97%, but Watauga county real estate next door skyrocketed up 34.1% in the last year!

Here’s a big trick.

This phenomenal appreciation in Watauga county brings into play another vital clue (the third trick) revealed in my report… to look at state taxes.

The same interactive “The Fastest Appreciating Real Estate Markets in 2021” mapsite mentioned above includes another interactive map that shows the order (from highest to lowest) of state income tax rates.



At the Hot Real Estate interactive map site, another interactive map “State Taxes Comparison: Are Americans Fleeing High-Tax States in 2021?” shows that  Florida has the 46th lowest taxing rate and North Carolina the 33rd lowest.

Here’s a double clue!

Look across the border! Tennessee has the 48th lowest state tax! and Johnson county Tennessee (adjoining Ashe county North Carolina) had 6.06% appreciation while the next counties Sullivan county Tenn. saw real estate jump 16.73% and Greene County Tenn. rise 24.03%.

Three recent Wall Street Journal front page stories also show how profits have been made from predictions in my 2017 LAEE report.

That report predicted the upcoming inflation and suggested investments that would survive change and combat the loss of the dollar’s purchasing power.

One Wall Street Journal article confirms the inflationary problem in its article “Higher Prices Leave Consumers Feeling the Pinch” (3).

The article points out how Janet Yellen was trying to walk back her comments admitting inflation.  The government will do just about anything to stop interest rates from rising and to hold back panic over the purchasing power of the US dollar.

This front page article sums up the situation succinctly:

Price tags on consumer goods from processed meat to dishwashing products have risen by double-digit percentages from a year ago, according to NielsenIQ.

Lawn and garden products are also getting costlier. Some consumers are feeling stretched.

Kaitlyn Vinson, a program manager in Denver, said her recent $275 bill at a Costco store, which included razors and cotton pads on top of her typical grocery list, was more expensive than usual. Ms. Vinson said she switched from buying fresh to frozen fruit and vegetables because they are less expensive and last longer.

“We’re sacrificing the food that I really like to cook just to be cheaper,” she said.

The 2017 LAEE report also looked at the danger to pipelines in the US and explained how to protect against a failing US infrastructure.

The second Wall Street Journal article that outlines how profits have been made from predictions in my 2017 report  has a headline “U.S. Pipeline Shutdown Exposes Cyber Threat to Energy Sector” (4).


That article starts: For years, security officials and experts have warned about the energy infrastructure’s susceptibility to cybercrime.

This is my 53rd year of writing about why we should not trust governments and how to avoid letting any one nation control our health, wealth, in come, savings and lifestyle.  The 2017 LAEE eport was the latest update on ways to remain independent.

I have followed up with a report completed in 2021 that I’ll reveal in a minute.

Why we cannot depend on governments.

“Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere”  warned (in 2017) to avoid total dependence on our national infrastructure.

In that report, I shared an experience we suffered at our North Carolina mountain home when a couple of workers digging a ditch with a backhoe accidentally breached a small pipeline.

That one small error shut down delivery of gasoline to a huge part of the state of North Carolina.  Gas stations had to limit the number of gallons we could buy or shut down totally.

Just one pipe… shut a huge section of an entire state… down.

Now we see how ransomware has affected the supply of gas on much of America’s East coast.

The third, Wall Street Journal headline was, “The Breakout Cities on the Forefront of America’s Economic Recovery”. (5)


That Wall Street Journal article explains how profits have been made from predictions in my 2017 LAEE report says: Rising stars such as Greenville, S.C., Des Moines, Iowa, and Provo, Utah, built out vibrant economies even before the pandemic; now, they are drawing new workers and businesses.

The key feature in “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere” was the potential of Smalltown USA.  Those who read the report and acted in 2017, 2018 and 2019 are seeing huge gains now.

The pandemic sped up a trend that was already well on its way.   Yet this trend is just beginning!

How can we cash in from this opportunity?

I explain how to protect purchasing power and beat inflation in my report  “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere”.  The report, published in 2017, predicted how the world would react to the pandemic and showed how to economically prepare for it.

In late 2020 I completed a followup report to “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere” called “The Neapolitan Effect” that explains how to to take advantage of the explosive growth that continues in two small towns in Ashe county North Carolina and Lake County Florida.

The “Neapolitan Effect” digs into the demographic, geographic, economic and social fundamentals that create small town opportunity so you can spot the same profit potential in small towns beyond just these two counties.

Before I begin extensive advertising for “The Neapolitan Effect” at $39.99, I would like to offer both the report “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” (normally $39.99) and “The Neapolitan effect”  both for the price of one.

You can order both reports here for $39.99. 

Live Anywhere & Neapolitan Effect bundled: $39.99.


P.S.  I don’t like to brag, but… here I will.  One more map.


I am proud to say that one of the counties I recommended in my LAEE report adjoins the third fastest rising real estate market over the last year.  Boise Idaho rose an astounding 40.2%, Austin Texas screamed up 36.79% and Watauga (next to Ashe county) rose 34.5%.

In addition Lake county Florida, is surrounded by four counties that are in the 100 fastest rising real estate markets in America.

Over the past 53 years, I have helped readers create astounding profits, spotting contrasts, distortions and trends in global stock markets, overseas currencies (and their interest rates) and in real estate markets.

I began helping readers get into London real estate in the 1970s, Isle of Man real estate in the 1980s and Ecuador real estate in the 1990s.  Readers and tour delegates who listened and invested saw incredible appreciation.

Now there’s great opportunity and big profit trends right where you are… at home in Smalltown USA.

I’m heavily invested to cash in on these trends myself and invite you to learn why and what I am doing in my newest report “The Neapolitan Effect”

Before I begin extensive advertising for “The Neapolitan Effect” at $39.99, I would like to offer both the report “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” (normally $39.99) and “The Neapolitan effect”  both for the price of one.  You save $39.99.

You can order both reports here for $39.99. 

Live Anywhere & Neapolitan Effect bundled: $39.99.


(1) Hottest 2021 real estate markets

(2) New data shows Americans fleeing high tax states