Living in a Work-Less Society

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The more disruptive technology becomes, the greater the risk we have to take as investors.

Incoming technology will make a few richer, but more poorer because there will be fewer people using newer technology to produce much more individually.

Plus we’ll be needing less stuff.

Think about this.

“Imagine if demand went away and never came back. Inflation would die; companies would be forced to cut costs to sustain profit growth; the central bank would be pushed into interest rate deductions.

That seems to be what has been happening in the western world. Inflation has been stable. Companies have slashed costs and interest rates are at all times lows.

This is not a thing for the future. This is here, now and almost past.  The quote above is an excerpt from a message “End of Demand?” (1) that was published at this site in August 2001… almost 20 years ago.

This process of working less has been evolving in developed countries for more than 50 years.

Hong Kong

Image of E. On Factory Building from Industrial Hong Kong History website (2)

When I moved from Portland Oregon to Hong Kong in 1968, to slash costs, manufacturers were shifting their labor from the US to Hong Kong.  I recall meeting up in Hong Kong with the guys who worked for the Portland based sports clothes maker White Stag.

The global economy was booming.

white stag

White Stag was an Oregon company at that time, but production at their 14 acre site was already on the wane.  Though their logo on a sign at the entrance of downtown Port;land remains part of the city’s tradition, the company has been long gone… the brand now being owned by Walmart.

I watched this trend take place in West Jefferson, the nearest shopping town to our farm.

When we first moved to the farm, (1998) there was a Thomasville Furniture factory in the center of West Jefferson.  They employed quite a few people, but also created a lot of pollution.  Some days the factory spewed out fumes that made our eyes water.

Then the factory was closed and production moved to China.  Thomasville had started around the end of the 1800s and tried to remain Made in the USA into the 1990s.  The CEO said  “We really do not want to close plants…. We’ve got great plants, great people. You can’t get them back if you close them.”

Yet the bubble collapse of 2000 forced the firm to announce widespread layoffs at plants across North Carolina including the West Jefferson plant , which had been producing dining room chairs since the 1930s, was closed.  Thomasville imports grew 15 times from 1996 to 2000.

The number of home furnishing manufacturing jobs lost in North Carolina that year alone was over 2,000.

The factory was turned into the Jefferson Station condominium and shop complex.

west jefferson

Jefferson Station condos and shops, West Jefferson North Carolina

American business had little choice.  For example, in Kannapolis North Carolina, Cannon Mills was famous for its “Cannon Towels”.  They decided not to move their manufacturing abroad.

Formed in 1887, the company believed in cradle to grave job opportunity.  By 1997, due to low cost labor competition overseas, the company was losing money.  Cannon’s largest product buyer, Wal-Mart, encouraged the company to move production overseas.  The company refused to abandon its employees, was undercut by overseas competitors and went bankrupt.

As China’s standards of living have risen, the world is running out of low cost labor.  Technology in place now is replacing low cost labor and creating a work-less society.

Robots, electronics, sensors and algorithms are replacing hands, eyes, ears and their routines.  More workers will work less.  For example many truck (and car) drivers, food servers, chefs, warehouse workers, stevedores, actors, could be replaced to name just a few occupations.

Humans will still be needed in the demand section of the economy but not so much in the supply side.

So what happens when more people don’t have work?

In the past, this was a problem for two reasons.

First, the unemployed needed money to survive.


Soup Line

Just giving them money (or food,clothing and shelter) doesn’t provide a total answer either.  Large gatherings of bored, disenfranchised people leads to turbulence!

Just giving life’s essentials isn’t enough due to what Psychologist Maslow calls the “Human Hierarchy of Needs”.

The first step in Maslow’s “Needs Hierarchy” is to take care of one’s physical needs, the second is to gain security. After these two levels the third step is to focus on social needs before progressing to the fourth step of acknowledgement and then self realization and finally idealization or the need to find a purpose beyond oneself.

So its not just enough to give people their physical needs and security.  When you do,  the social need kicks in and groups form that want acknowledgement.  Soon enough those groups will be complaining that some people are rich and they (in the group) are poor.  History has told us that tale a time or too.

Yet there is a new story now.  Technology, such as virtual reality, can help solve that problem, by virtually providing filling some of these needs that not everyone can have materially.

The answer to less work opportunity is to shift non workers to the virtual supply side.

virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) line

Travel the world?  Who needs it when you can be everywhere virtually at a much lower costs without the risk of pickpockets, the drag of airport security and terrorism risks…. not to mention worries about picking up a virus.

Drive a hot sports car? Fly a plane? Skydive? Scuba to the bottom of the sea?  Climb a mountain?  Lay on a sunny beach? What do you want to do?  Virtually you get it without risk and without bother.

How about sex or the perfect companion?   VR and algorithms can fix you up with the perfect mate.

This could keep the troublesome groups of unemployed and underemployed people busy.

The whole idea seems quite repugnant to me.  But I’m an early Boomer and at 74 years of age a lot of realities that are unfolding require some real mental and emotional adjusting for me.

I think VR was called Soma in the novel “Brave New World”.

A lot of fulfillment, a lot of happiness, joy and satisfaction can be provided without burning through earthly resources.  One could argue this could be good for sustainability and to help reduce global warming as well as provide everyone with a expanded horizons and advancement through the hierarchy of needs.

Businesses like it, because like an electronic book, once created the product can be delivered again and again without additional manufacturing costs.  No loggers are needed, nor drivers for logging trucks, nor paper mills, nor printers, no warehouses, nor delivery trucks, not book stores.   Just 0000s and 1111s that make the story.

This delivery of experiences has been a continual evolution.  First traveling minstrels carried the stories that captivated, though they faced enormous obstacles of time and space.  The radio eliminated many of those obstacles.  The TV added sight as well as sound, eventually in color.

We are seeing so many advances in delivering experiences, sensations and feelings virtually in many many new ways and they are getting better.

I have four children and eight grandchildren who live thousands of miles from me. Using “What’s App” I see them and talk to them, read the grandkids bedtime stories every day. I’m with my family much more than I was with my mom, dad and sister when we all lived in the same city, all within a half hour’s drive of each other.

The trend is for the increasingly few very rich to share a bit more with those who lose out to the disruption of the technology.

Last week’s Wall Street Journal article, “Biden’s Economic Plan Would Redistribute Trillions and Expand Government” (3) shows how the government is trying to get this done now.

The article says: President seeks muscular role for the federal government in economy, helping middle and working class at the expense of businesses and the wealthy

Franklin D. Roosevelt created the modern government-funded social safety net in the 1930s to aid lower and middle-income families—paid for in part by raising taxes on the richest Americans. Dwight Eisenhower built the interstate highway system in the 1950s. John F. Kennedy defined federal industrial policy in the 1960s by pledging to put a man on the moon by decade’s end.

In his first 100 days in office, Joe Biden has been attempting to emulate all three, seeking to combine and update for the 21st century his predecessors’ visions for a muscular Washington role in the economy.

With his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan unveiled Wednesday—following his $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan and his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan—President Biden has proposed $6 trillion in new federal spending for the next decade. That is far more than any recent president at a comparable point in their terms.

Beyond expanding the size and scope of government, Mr. Biden’s program aims to redistribute trillions of dollars of resources from the highest-earning households and businesses to everyone making less than $400,000 a year.

Will it work?  No one knows, but history shows that “Let Them Eat Cake” does not work either.

Keep an eye on this trend where virtual reality fills the gap in the hierarchy of humanity as this could be one of the biggest shifts humans have seen since the creation of tribes and social organization.



Cash in on the new normal.

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that the so called “experts” really don’t have a clue how to solve this problem. We cannot rely on their information. Instead, we need to plan for and prepare for our own “new normal” if we want to survive.

The pandemic has not been the real problem.

The global response to this viral outbreak is just a symptom of a world that’s sliding into a devastation and disorder.  The worst turmoil is still to come because of economic, social and demographic tensions that have been building for 70 years.

With mounting government debt, globally, the current economic system that has run the global economy for decades, is in decline and disorder.

The current social economic archetype has already killed millions and destroyed the finances and lives of far more.   Worldwide, unemployment is at an all-time high.  Many businesses have been destroyed.

Governments are trying to solve the problem by throwing money on the fire and are they are being crushed in debt in the process.

Yet, the problem is just a beginning, because al that holding the system together is low interest rates and a lack of belief in inflation.

Yet inflation is here and with it will come higher interest rates that can crush stock markets and ruin the ability of governments everywhere to pay their debts.

To survive the coming economic downturns, you’ll need to learn the importance of adjusting how you live, work, invest and take care of yourself for the next ten to fifteen years!
You can’t rely on governments to bail you out.


That’s exactly what Merri and I have been doing for the last 50 years.

3 d

We have learned the power of being able to adapt to constantly changing markets all over the world and created a not-so small fortune while doing so.  That’s why we’re uniquely qualified to teach you how to not just survive but to PROSPER during the challenging times ahead. Chaos always creates many opportunities for those who know how to spot them and take advantage of them. A good example has been the mass exodus from urban areas to more rural areas.

Since many are working from home, they can live anywhere. There is a shortage of good housing in rural areas now. Merri and I are buying then rehabbing houses to full the gap.  We saw this opportunity coming and jumped in early.

We let readers know of the risks of a pandemic, back in 2016.

Many are already enjoying a safer more secure and financially stable lifestyle already despite the lockdowns and crumbling economy.

Instead of waiting for things to get better, start preparing for things to get worse, much worse.

You also need to learn how to spot opportunities which are all around you. As the economy changes, the opportunities will change too.

That’s why Merri and I keep a constant pulse on opportunities worldwide and report our findings to a special club of unique individuals that we started over 30 years ago. For decades, this club has been called the International Club, but this year we renamed it the Pruppie Club.

What is a Pruppie?

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Pruppies, also, like Preppers, engage in activity that they love that will sustain them when society and the incredibly intricate weave of our global economy and society let us down.

We need to be both, Yuppies and Preppers, Pruppies!

Take profit from the incredible new technology that gives us super powers to earn and grow wealth. Be safe and secure, when social economic tidal waves like plagues, stagflation fascism and communism overwhelm the world.

Pruppies are prepared in case everything, everywhere, or at least everything relating to their income and savings fails and the fabric that surrounds their lives disintegrates into an unknown veil.

Yet a Pruppie’s preparation is not a sacrifice, but a joy as you will see.

Learn how you can become a Pruppie.


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Enormous, economic, social, political and productivity change was already in the process.  The pandemic however has accelerated and accentuated the process. You still have time to join the few who are left standing from the 2020 disaster.

You still have time to become one who will prosper during the 2020 decade. You can be one of a small elite group who will be able to help restore a healthy world order. The world will be very different from what we have known for the past seventy years, but when looked at in a framework of longer history… it’s the same old tale.

The last couple of millennia are filled with stories of empires rising and falling.  There are basic conditions in each of these tales.

  • First the idea of debt loses its real meaning and rising to levels that are unsustainable.
  • Interest rates charged for debt fall to extremely low levels so the idea of investing for a known amount stops making sense.
  • Central monetary authorities replace innovation and increased productivity as activators of the economy.
  • Disparity of wealth widens dramatically and the spread increases.
  • There is so much divisiveness in politics within countries that social and political conflicts spiral.

We’re seeing these changes rapidly happening now!

Fwd: gary-scott-tipis

I learned how to turn land into income producing property cheap and cashed in on the glamping craze a decade before the word was invented.  I want to share this trick with you.

Social and economic deterioration restricts safety, lifestyle, well-being and peace of mind. Social and economic shifts of this nature reduce the purchasing power of income.

Inflation, for example puts pensions and savings at risk. 

Growing deception allows manipulation of medical care, finances, the value of homes, how cars are bought, the price of gas, the education and raising of children, the food we buy and eat, the shows watched and the ways we work and play.

A very large and growing part of the public throughout the Western world no longer believes in the integrity of local or national government, law enforcement, health care, banking, pensions, legal systems, educational processes, media or church, just to name a few.

However, mistrust of anything authorities say has become so deeply rooted that even health assurances as serious as the pandemic have not been believed.

I invite you to join Merri and me in expecting the world to get better… to live and earn based on that expectation but…  to also prepare for bad times as well as good.  Just in case… the world goes sideways… we will still survive and prosper.

We do not give up anything much.  We can enjoy the good parts of the new economy, as we protect ourselves from what can be bad.

Let me be clear.  I expect that the world will get better, at least for the few who adapt and avoid the dangers that the changes from the COVID pandemic will bring.

The wealth of the world, albeit with inequality, will continue to grow.  This collapse of the global economy will bring an incredible new opportunity for those who know what to do.  These profit making avenues offer enormous income potential and even work well in disaster scenarios. Join the Pruppie Club so you can wake up every day knowing that you are prepared and in charge of your destiny.

gary scott

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(1) End of Demand