Merry Christmas

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Archives

This season is a profound holiday at our North Carolina farm.


During this time we are often welcomed by cold brightness but…


wrapped in a cozy, white blanket as well.  Winter sculpts a glorious crystal scene. What a gift and our holiday walks share  a few obstacles caused by the ice and the cold…wonderful reminders…


that there is light at the end of every tunnel.


Once again the view will be clear.


The darkest, shortest day is also the beginning of the light.

This is why we love this time of year, not chasing the trees and lights and decorations and presents, but seeking the deepest meaning of this spirit. The end is always the birth of dawn.

To share ideas on what’s in our horizon Merri and I give you a report “Investing in a Cynical World”.   Sold to thousands, today it’s yours as our way of saying “Thanks for reading, we hope to share an exciting  and fulfilling year ahead with you”.

Click here to read your report here.

The password is UNWRAP

Happy Holidays!


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