Ecuador Thanksgiving Roses

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Archives

Bring Ecuador into your home this Thanksgiving with fresh Ecuador roses delivered by Fedex or  UPS.

Order by tomorrow, Friday morning the November 20th by 10:30, EST for delivery on Wednesday. November 24th, two days before Thanksgiving.

Merri and I will have fresh Ecuador roses as our Thanksgiving decoration.

We’ll have them all around the house for the holiday.




Fedex or UPS delivers them in the afternoon and we immediately put them in fresh water.  By the morning they are fully opened and incredible!  This is only a third of one order.

You can now have fresh Ecuador roses on your Thanksgiving table or send them as gifts as well.

Our rose supplier just sent this note:  Gary, Thanksgiving is on Thursday November 26th so we will deliver roses on Tuesday, November 24th.  We will close sales at 10:30 AM EST this Friday… November 20th.

Ecuador roses have extra large heads that open fully.

christmas roses

The colors are more intense.

christmas roses

You can have 24, 50 or 100 fresh cut (four days) roses from Ecuador delivered to any zip code in the USA…including Hawaii or Alaska but must order for Thanksgiving roses before 10:30 AM EST November 20th, 2020.

Merri and I love Ecuador for the warmth and friendliness in the hearts of its people. We also love Ecuador’s beauty.  When an opportunity to send Ecuador roses and raise money for the poor occurred, we grab the chance.

I wrote about the roses, made a special offer and sold over 15,000 roses that raised $6,000 to help Ecuador’s poor. The money was used to provide schooling for gifted indigenous children and to buy an InFocus projector used in our free English classes for Ecuadorian children that the foundation provides.

So when a chance to offer Ecuador roses regularly, I thought, “Why not?”

There and then I decided to make a special offer. Here it is.

The cost of roses, and especially delivery, has been rising, but we still offer to get  fresh cut roses to your home at really low rates and help create employment in Ecuador in the process.

I regret that Fedex cannot deliver the roses in Canada or elsewhere outside the USA.

Fedex will deliver them to you within four days of being cut in Ecuador.  Open them. If you are not satisfied that these are truly remarkable roses, give them back to the Fedex driver and let me know.  I’ll give you a full refund.

To assure the refund you must inspect the flowers with Fedex when they are delivered.  If you are not satisfied, they must be returned at the time of delivery.

We  are not paid to advertise these roses but have negotiated a 10% discount for our subscribers instead.

Use the code Gary10 at checkout.

The roses arrive, tightly packed in batches of 12 or 25.  I usually put half on our kitchen table and by morning they are fully opened and incredible!

ecuador Roses

Here they are.

The other half go in our dining room…


and in front of the fireplace.


You can have fresh cut roses from Ecuador delivered to any zip code in the USA…including Hawaii or Alaska including shipping at $63.90 for 24 roses.

Our Ecuador rose supplier, Hugh Prather, will personally contact you and assist you to make sure you get Ecuador roses for Thanksgiving or any day.

Click here on Hugh’s USA Roses website to choose the colors and variety you desire,

Use the code Gary10 at checkout.