The Greatest Risk to Your Health

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Archives

If you are over 60, falls may be the greatest risk to your health.

That’s why I do this yoga posture almost everyday… to maintain better balance.  This exercise, called the “Llama Walk” promotes leg exercise and good balance.

llama walk

This is simple, easy, does not take much time and can be a key to living longer…  and better.

My friends at Independence Monthly recently published this note from an emergency room MD:

Avoid falls: Falls are the most serious common injury to the elderly. Broken hips are the worst, leading to disability and death in 25% of cases.  Most of these falls occur in bathrooms, so handrails, no-skid surfaces, and shower chairs go a long way in preventing injury.  Be sure loose carpet is tacked down and that stair railings are secure.  Ask someone else to change light bulbs (I’ve treated too many seniors who fell doing this), and be sure the smoke alarms all work.  Have someone check on seniors living alone: too many stay on the floor for hours or days until help arrives.

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