The Ultimate Form of Security

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The ultimate form of security is…the ability to adapt.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.   Albert Einstein

A recent article at the Truth & Plenty website tells how Norwegian companies are building ships that don’t have any crews.

Just think about this…

The ships are expensive to build but between eliminating  labor and adding clean fuel its operating cost are 90% lower than similar ships.

This article shows how incredible change is coming as machines take over a huge numbers of jobs.

By 2020 autonomous ships can rule the waves.  Autonomous trucks can rule the roads which will affect up to five million jobs, one of the few middle class salaries still available for folks without a college degree.

And in a few years, these jobs will be gone.

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.  HG Wells

Disaster!  What will happen!

Millions of jobs will be removed from the economy.   How will this loss affect your sources of income?  Will the shock send the stock market crashing?  Think about the politics.  Today, elections are won or lost because 60,000 coal miners lost their jobs in the past 5 years.  When millions in the trucking industry start becoming unemployed how demented will the politicians become?

There is only on answer…

To survive and prosper, we need the ability to take small steps so we can continually adapt to change.


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