How to Have the Best of Times

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Archives

Yesterday’s message “More Positive Longevity” (1) look at how, on survey after survey, older people report that they have become more satisfied with their lives as they have aged, despite the losses that accumulate with passing years. 

The article said: This is most likely because they tend to minimize the negative, accept their limitations and use their experiences to compensate for them, and set reasonable goals for the future.  The earlier in life you adopt these practices—all of which help to sustain a positive attitude—the greater the potential impact on the quality, and possibly length, of your life.

This is a really special day, my mom’s 94th birthday and she just keeps getting better, happy, healthy, mobile, engaged and mentally clear.

An earlier message this week  “111 reasons to be positive” (2) looked at one way to remain active through self publishing, even when you are past 100.

juliana koo young

Juliana Young Kim lived to be 111 and published a book about her life when she was 104.

That’s the wonderful thing about self publishing, you can be involved in something positive, that you love, at any age.  See how to self publish below.


(1) More Positive Longevity

(2) 111 reason to be positive

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