Double Digit Income – The Green Rocking Chair Business

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Whether we are investing or running a small business, we are told, “Follow the Green”.  This is wise, but the idea can offer much more than money even if you use it from a rocking chair.

Yesterday I spoke at an investing seminar in Tampa, Florida conducted by ENR Asset Management Company.  One delegate I was speaking with explained how he purchased over 35,000 acres of farmland.  A timber company immediately offered him over $200 per acre just for the timber.

Not bad, $3.5 million of quick profit and he still owned the land.  He said, “I didn’t sell”.  That’s the nice thing about timber!  Unlike most other commodities, when it’s held, the inventory grows.

But investing in green is about more than timber.  Green goes far beyond profit and cash.

blue ridge farm

I often work  at my micro business from a rocking chair at our Blue Ridge farm.

Almost all the delegates at that Tampa seminar were boomers, so longevity was on their minds.  In addition, they were interested in the question, “What happens when I am relegated to a rocking chair?”

“Go for it” is my answer.

A rocking chair today is not what it was two decades ago.  Technology makes the rocking chair an effective business tool, as good a place to generate income as the the seat of a jet is for a jetsetter.   I can run my micro business, which generates a nice monthly double digit income, from that rocking chair in the mountain air on pleasant summer days.

I bring in the green better because I avoid commuting, the clutter of the city and I am surrounded by green and blue.


Here is the view from my Blue Ridge rocking chair. I often work with this view during the summer.  In the winter, I trade the chair for a chaise lounge but the common element is a low stress activity that I really enjoy, which produces income and surrounds me with nature’s blue and green.


This makes the business of business incredibly fulfilling and encourages longevity.

Our recent message The Value of Trees said:

A National Library of Health article, “The Unique Human Health Effects of Blue Light” shows that color has an impact on our well being and health.  The article says:  “A major milestone came with the 1998 discovery of melanopsin retinal ganglion cells, a new type of photoreceptor in the eye.  These cells provide signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), the brain’s master clock.  They project to many other brain regions as well, influencing myriad aspects of human physiology.”

Researchers have shown in humans that light influences hormone secretion, heart rate, alertness, sleep propensity, body temperature and gene expression.

Another article at, “Does the color green boost exercise effects?” shows some health benefits from the color of green.  Working out in the great outdoors may produce more psychological benefits than hitting the gym, suggest researchers who say that “green exercise” may boost mood, self-esteem, motivation and enjoyment. But according to a new study, the positive effects of green exercise may have more to do with the color green than with being surrounded by nature.

The study is the first to show that the color green may contribute to the  feel-good benefits of outdoor exercise, the researchers said. The findings were published in the Journal Environmental Science and Technology in August.

That’s the beauty of the new economy.  Technology changes everything.  A rocking chain set in nature’s serene beauty, (connected to 45 mbps of fiber optics) replaces the stale air of a crowded jet or the busy office that can only be reached through time consuming, stress creating, dangerous, frantic and simply plain rude heavy traffic.  Our own thoughts become our boss to gain the freedom to create a better, more independent life, free from the chains of big business, big pharma and big government whoever we are, whatever age and wherever we want to be.  We can truly live anywhere and earn everywhere.

Learn how to apply old wisdom with new technology to create your own green rocking chair business.  This not only produces income but can improve your health and help get rid of the blues.


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