Platinum’s Silver Lining

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In 2015, due to the biggest gold silver price distortion in 30 years, we issued a report, “The Silver Dip 2015”.   That 2015  report showed how to use a safe, diversified portfolio of ETFs as collateral to speculate intelligently in silver.

Readers of this report who risked a three times loan earned as much as $26,783 in just 12 months without putting up a penny in cash.

Now there is a bigger distortion, with greater profit potential, but not in silver.

The updated report shows  a new speculation with even greater profit potential.

The idea of the “Silver Dip 2015” report was spot on!  The report recommended borrowing British pounds and investing in the silver ETF  iShares Silver Trust (Symbol SLV).

An investment in SLV performed very well for the year after the report Silver Dip 2015 was issued.  The shares rose from $13.57 per share to $19.60 per share in a year.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 6.19.50 PM

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The rise from $13.57 per share to $19.60 per share created a nice profit, but the currency and leverage tactics within the strategy turned the nice profit into a very nice profit.

$10,000 invested in shares at $13.57 purchased 736 shares (rounded down).  At $19.60, the 648 shares were worth $14,425 for a 44.25% rise in 1 year.

If the investment was leveraged, the performance high and no added cash was required.

Take for example, an investment of $10,000.  With no leverage, the $10,000 rose to $14,425 for a $4,425 profit or 44.25% gain on the original $10,000 invested.

Those who used a margin account on existing portfolios put up no extra cash.  Yet if they leveraged $10,000 they also made $4,425 profit without the extra investment.  Margin of $20,000 created $8,544 after interest and loan payoff.   $30,000 margin created $13,316 after interest and loan payoff.

Those profits were spectacular by any stretch of the imagination but turned out even better because they were made before looking at the forex profit.  In 2016, the British pound dropped, so there was even more profit for those who borrowed British pounds.

We do not get such a special opportunity every year, and the key to this strategy is to only speculate when conditions are most ripe.

Value investors are disciplined to wait for the rarest opportunities so a new report examines the factors to look for and lays out a strategy for investing only when conditions are special and ripe.

The “Silver Dip 2017” is here, but the biggest distortion is not in silver.

The executive summary of “Silver Dip 2017” explains:

  • A review of the price of gold and inflation from 1942 till 2017 shows that the current price of gold is pretty fair.
  • Turbulence in the next year or two could give gold’s price a boost, but there are better precious metal speculations to be made.
  • The gold-silver ratio, was at 80 in 2015.  Now at 70, this ratio is not as distorted, but is still an indicator that the price of silver   will rise even faster than gold.
  • The gold-platinum ratio is at its most distorted level ever.  This distortion suggests that platinum prices will rise much faster and more than gold.
  • A safe, diversified portfolio can be used as collateral to borrow dollars so no cash is required to invest in platinum in a special low cost way.
  • A small amount of speculation in this special opportunity can enhance the performance of safe, diversified portfolios.
  • Investors who can control the time horizon of this speculation have almost no risk at all.

You can order Silver Dip 2017  for $39.95 here.

As always the report comes with our 60 day, read it and if not fully satisfied that the report can help you, guarantee.  We’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked.




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