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Each year around this time, I send my children a longevity gift, something that can make natural, good health more affordable.

I do this in part because good maintaining health has become as much a financial issue, as it is one of health care.  Have you ever known someone with a health problem where their concerns about correcting the problem were as much financial as medical?

A recent New York Times article, “The health care plan Trump voters really want gets to the crux of the matter.”

They have no strong ideological views about repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, or future directions for health policy. What they want are pragmatic solutions to their insurance problems. The very last thing they want is higher out-of-pocket costs.

Of course, this fact goes beyond Trump voters.  Almost all Americans want more pragmatic, affordable, efficient health care.

One man in Pennsylvania with Type 1 diabetes reported making frequent trips to Eastern Europe to purchase insulin at one-tenth the cost he paid here.

There you have it.  The US Congress debated health care for eight years and now are looking at undoing everything they accomplished.  This may be good or bad, but what’s terrible for sure is that Congress has done little about the real problem?  The US health care system is really disease management using pharmaceuticals.  The drugs that are dispensed so widely in the US cost much more than anywhere else.  The exact same drug in the US may cost double what it costs in Canada, four times as much as in Ecuador and apparently, for insulin at least, ten times what it costs in Eastern Europe.

The sad fact is that the US health care system (aka Disease Management) is really inefficient.

This year I sent each of my children Paula Garbourg’s book, “Secret of the Ring Muscles” because the ring muscles stimulate all other muscles.  If the ring muscles are out of shape, exercise is less effective and any type of health care intervention is less effective.

Sometimes simply restoring the healthy function of ring muscles eliminates health imbalances totally.

Ring muscle exercises are the ultimate multi-tasking tool for attaining good natural health.  Ring muscles can be exercised while laying in bed, while driving, watching TV or reading a book.  There are no contraindications.  They require no equipment and they are free.  In other words, ring muscle exercises are really efficient ways to attain and maintain natural health.

These exercises come from Israel which is not surprising because in a Bloomberg survey of 48 countries, Israel’s health system was ranked fourth in the world, in terms of efficiency.

Israel was also ranked sixth-healthiest country in the world by Bloomberg rankings and ranked eighth in terms of life expectancy.

When Bloomberg looked at health care efficiency, countries were ranked based on three criteria: life expectancy; relative per capita cost of health care (percentage of GDP per capita); and the absolute per capita cost of health care (expenditures covering preventive and curative services, family planning, nutrition and emergency aid).

Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan took the top three spots in the rankings. Israel came next.  The UK came in 14th, Canada 17th, Iran 45th, and the US — behind Iran — in 46th position for health care efficiency.

Israel’s life expectancy is 81.8 years, and health care costs per capita were calculated at $2,426.  Americans have a life expectancy of 78.6 years and spend $8,608 in health care costs per capita.

Israel’s system also focuses on health care rather than disease management, which means that Israelis have more natural health energy and positive outlooks with less medication.  The reflection of this fact is that the survey showed that Israelis have one of the longest retirements in the world, almost 18 years.

Part of this health care efficiency is due to the fact that the Israeli health system includes the ring muscle techniques.

But what can one do?  Fly to Israel to become healthy?  Fortunately now  there is a better solution.  I have found a way to bring this Israeli health care idea to you.

I have been using the ring muscle exercises for about 25 years and have recommended Paula Garbourg’s book “Secret of the Ring Muscles” many times.

This year I am delighted to be working closely with the family of the author (the Garbourgs and the Garbourg Institute) to spread the word about the importance of the Ring Muscles on health.

See how you can have a personal Ring Muscle consultation from Tel Aviv below.


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