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You can live longer by avoiding “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

According to an article “Nature Deficit Disorder Shortens Lifespan” (1) at lifespa.com researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found an amazing correlation between living in a home surrounded by greenery and longevity and mental health.

The article says: They evaluated more than 108,000 women all across America between the years 2000 and 2008. They found that there was a 12 percent lower risk of death for those women who lived in the greenest surroundings.

Women with the greenest vegetation around their homes were 34 percent less likely to die of a respiratory-related issue. They also found that women living in the greenest environments were 13 percent less likely to die of cancer.

The researchers were quite surprised by this strong correlation that also extended into mental health. Women living in the greenest environments were happier and less depressed.

I am not sure why the study picked on women but suspect a similar result would be found with men.

Here is a unique opportunity for a person, or ideally a couple, to live surrounded by nature at our farm.

We are looking for someone to live on our 252 acre Merrily Farms that sit on Little Horse Creek.

We’ll provide enough work to pay the rent so essentially living will be rent free plus there will be some extra income and space for a garden if desired and some other additional income opportunities.


The farm is remote, always quiet and not all cell phones work… though we do have broadband, fiber optics and all internet connections.


Entrance to the farm.

Here is the creek…


deep in the forest… isolated and with many waterfalls.  The creek becomes a bit swollen in the spring time.


This water starts on our land… fed by dozens of pure water springs.  It feeds the pond below our main house where we raise some spectacular trout.

gary scott

A trout from our pond.

We have five cabins and rent them from Memorial Day to the end of October. We need someone to help us with maintenance,  gardening and field care plus to look after the horses and chickens year round.


Creek Cabin.

The beauty and solitude provide many positive inspirations. There is plenty of space to explore and enjoy.  We have put in over eight miles of trails.


Blue Ridge mystery leading to beauty… year round… summer green, and then gold in autumn. They are white powder in winter.


We grow bold sunflowers and a lot of our own vegetables in the summer.


We have chickens.


Our rooster.



Blackberry Cabin.


The comfortable Johnny Appleseed farmhouse has been fully renovated.

The farm gives us the freedom to live part time in the North Carolina mountains and part time in Florida…  yet still earn income.

We need someone who would enjoy year round so are making this offer.

Be warned, winters are very rough, cold and gloomy.  Sun lovers should not apply!

This is the entrance to our farm in January.


If you have an interest, please send your resume to me at Gary@garyascott.com

Those with experience in mountain living, farming and with a four wheel drive will be given special consideration.

See more about the farm at www.littlehorsecreek.com


(1) lifespa.com/nature-deficit-disorder-shortens-lifespan

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