Gain Peak Wealth with PIEC Value Investing

by | Aug 6, 2016 | Archives

Do What You Love and Create PIEC Wealth

There is a three path strategy that we follow for fulfillment and wealth called PIEC  Investing (Personal Income Earning Corridor).

PIEC concepts of financial prudence differ from traditional approaches of accumulating wealth because the first investment in our investment strategy is our passion.  Our total PIEC portfolio comes in three layers: a fulfilling micro business, then a layer of very safe investments followed by a third, much smaller layer of speculative deals.

The first layer of our PIEC is a fulfilling micro business.  When we do what we love, our own micro business is the most important financial asset we can have.  PIEC investors reverse the priorities.  Instead of working for money to save and invest.  They focus their prime effort on doing something they enjoy.  Then they learn how to enjoy the effort in some profitable way by combining lifestyle with the necessary task of accumulating wealth.

The ability to provide a service or a skill is the safest as well as most meaningful investment of all.  This combines our money with time, energy and our desires.  There is no more effective way to combine wealth, health and a fulfilled lifestyle.

The second step is to create a basic portfolio of good value.  The majority of our PIEC diversification is our basic good value portfolio of country ETFs.  You can see that portfolio here.

The third layer of diversification is our speculation.   Modern portfolio theory suggests that safe investments are enhanced and made safer by adding a small amount of higher risk deals.  This also allows us to fulfill any casino mentality we might have left if having our own business is not enough.

Our speculations include an investment in sandalwood, plus extra weighting in China, extra weighting in the UK and in the silver ETF SLV.

This three step strategy enhances our investing safety, increases our odds of extra profit, but most importantly brings greater satisfaction and fulfillment into our lives.


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