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by | Jul 15, 2016 | Content Updates

Making profits can seem hard.  There is so much competition.

When we look at the thousands of pieces of information that have to sort through every day to compete with professional stock and currency traders, you might think it is impossible to make money grow.

The reality is that you can make profits (and life) easy.   Low risk, high value investing strategies that repeatedly spot contrasts, distortions and trends can dramatically increase profits.  These strategies are easy to use.  You don’t have to spend all your time analyzing economies, companies, stock and currency markets.  There are better things to do!

The truth is you need to know very little about stock and currency investing to outperform the pros.  In fact sometimes knowing less is better than knowing more.  One of the simplest ways to beat three fourths of the big investors is to invest in good value, passive index ETFs.  These ETFs outperform mutual funds managed by professional traders 75% of the time.

Equally weighted, diversified portfolios of good value country ETFs outperform global markets in the long term.  Then this type of portfolio can be used to leverage short term distortions that provide extra overnight profit.

For example last November we showed readers how to use a portfolio of good value ETFs as a base for an added speculation in the iShare Silver Trust.

Last November silver had dropped to a special low and the gold silver spread had reached a historic high.  These distortions showed that silver had special value.  The iShare Silver Trust ETF (symbol SLV), priced at US$13.60 per share, was a really easy way to make a leveraged investment in silver using a British pound loan.

No extra cost or investment was required.  The existing good value ETFs were available to create a British pound margin loan to buy the silver shares.  Each $10,000 borrowed created $5,503 profit in eight months.

The British pound parity was US$1.54 per pound.

Here is what happened when the existing good value portfolio was used to borrow 6,500 pounds in a margin account.

The 6,500 pounds were converted to US$10,000 and the total $10,000 was invested in SLV at US$13.60.  This purchased 735 shares of SLV.

Yesterday at US$19.25, those SLV shares are worth US$14,148.

slv chart

Yesterday the pound had dropped to 1.33 so paying off the 6,500 pound loan costs US$8,645 and leaves a balance of of US$5,503. The profit in eight months was approximately $5,503 for every $10,000 borrowed.

pound chart

This extra profit did not require a penny of extra investment!

That special distortion is now gone.  We alerted readers to take profits over a week ago.

A new, special currency and stock market distortion has arrived so I put together and conducted a webinar that describes the distortion, the risk and reward and how to create the margin account to maximize profits without adding any further investment.

The timing is perfect to understand how it was spotted. this currency and stock contrast, and why it has the potential to pull in big profits.

This one and a half hour webinar shares how over the past 50 years I have refined an easy, inexpensive routine that you can use in just minutes a day and why this system increases safety and profits.  The webinar, however takes more than a few minutes.  This is a one and a half hour webinar, but this is the weekend so hopefully you will have time.  The ideas you gain are well worth the time.

To listen in to this recorded webinar, click on the image below.


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