Ecuador Opportunity

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Archives

There is new Ecuador real estate opportunity.

After many years of real estate appreciation, Ecuador property prices began to slow.  There are numbers of reasons why there has been a slowdown including added tax, a slowing of numbers of new expats and an abundant supply of residential properties.  This slowdown means that bargains are beginning to appear.

If you visit and look at real estate, be sure to choose an attorney you trust.  Be sure to select an Ecuador attorney who is qualified to provide a US title insurance policy on property you buy.

I recommend our friend and coastal real estate attorney of more than a decade, Floridalva Zambrano.  Flori has helped us in dozens of buy and sell transactions and we have been happy every time.

Her law firm, Zambrano and Associates, was established in 2000, and provides legal advice in real estate, immigration, corporation, and civil law.


Zambrano & Associates.

Flori specializes in Corporate law and has over sixteen years of experience in real estate and immigration.  She is fully bilingual (English-Spanish), and has knowledge of German.  Flori spent several years studying at an American university so she understands the North American culture well.

For the past seven years, Flori has been one of a few Ecuador attorneys authorized by First American Title Insurance Company to do title searches and to provide this title Company with her legal opinion on properties for which owners or buyers wanted to obtain title insurance.

You can learn full details about Flori’s firm here.


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