Natural Health- A Financial Issue

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Archives

The great assets are natural good  health and ease.

infrared sauna

Most days I spend 20 minutes purifying in an infrared sauna.  I belivee that this is a good value in expenditure of time.

The  asset of health, when lost, has the greatest potential for financial ruin.   Poor health can rob us of the energy to think and work too earn.  Few costs can be as high as a few day’s hospital stay or the care for a catastrophic illness.  A few days of health care can wipe out a lifetime of savings.

Plus the cost of the alternative, health insurance, is growing prohibitive as to the Affordable Care Act.  The idea behind this law is for everyone to have health care.  The reality is that it has covered the sick at the expense of  protecting the healthy.

The flaw is the idea that anyone should have coverage for pre-existing conditions. Anyone who discovers they have a serious illness can get coverage via the exchange.

This has led to panic and anger as health care costs explode!

Although health insurance costs are already prohibitive for many, some companies, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, have asked for premium increases of nearly 60 percent.

As insurers prepare for the fourth year of coverage under the Affordable Care Act, many struggle to provide care for new customers.   United Health Group, one of the larger insurers, lost money on federal health law policies. They are abandoning many insurance exchanges in the next year.  Many health insurance co-ops created under the law closed.

Medicare, Medicaid and employer-sponsored insurance rates have been more stable, but there is pressure for them to rise to cover the losses on exchange business.

Perhaps the next administration will make a change or perhaps not.  There is big money in health care.  The excessive portion of the industry will often spend a lot of it to influence decisions in the wrong direction for you and me and our fellow Americans.

I am not sure there is much we can do to change that.  What we can do is improve our nutrition and exercise. We can direct our consciousness and habits to purify  our minds  and bodies so we are naturally healthy and not subservient to  a system which profits from  trying to make us and keep us in a state of dis-ease.


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