Profit From Income Inequality

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Here is a way to profit from income inequality and eliminate it at the same time.  Income inequality isn’t all bad, IF a large percentage of the population have a chance to attain it.

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Two grandsons are visiting.  This is Leo teaching me how to read.  The young ones seem so advanced!  Being with them always sets me to thinking, “what can we do to assure that their life will be as good and better than ours”.

The US is a pretty great place from this point of view.  There is great opportunity.  Look at some of America’s wealthiest people,  Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergy Brin. These are young people who did not inherit their wealth.

There is a wave before them, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Laurene Jobs and the Waltons.  We do not see the greatest wealth still in the hands of the Carnegies, Astors, Fords and such.  Don’t get me wrong, they may still be very rich, but each generation has seen new wealth rise to the top.

A study in 2014 found that the billionaire population grew by 7% that year, 83%  were self-made businessmen and that most had attain the ten figure mark before age 50.

Seniors are seeing some benefits as well.  A Wall Street Journal article “When Older People Do Better Than Those of Working Age” (1) explains that in the past five years the gap between the incomes of those over 65 and the younger population has narrowed significantly in Europe and America.

The average person 65 and older in the U.S. earns 77% of the average income.  That an improvement from 69% in 2008, at the start of the last recession. The United Kingdom is even better, up at 89% from 78%. In Spain and France, seniors now earn about 103% and 102% of the average income.

This senior gain is in part a reflection of the overly optimistic promises given to baby boomers.

So income inequality is good for many, but a lot of statistics suggest that the wealth is not being spread around enough.

Those on the positive end of income inequality may feel good about their growing prosperity, but the growing inequality for a few is creating stress in government pension systems while highlighting the wage struggles of younger workers.   Income inequality does not work long term and eventually the system will break down.

The first step in overcoming income inequality is to find a spot in the national psyche where we can earn.   Understanding the downside of income inequality can help us earn more income ourselves as we find ways to make life better for those who have not benefited from growing wealth.

One of the best places to look is in sales.  If you look at the wealthiest in today’s generation you’ll see Jeff Bezos who created and drove prices down.  Take the generation before and the biggest fortune remains with the Waltons.  Add the wealth of the Waltons together and they are larger than Gates or Buffet.

This is why we focus on helping readers learn how to worte to sell.

There are two reasons to write… when you have something to say or when you have something to sell.

When the two reasons come together… magic happens… especially when you tap into the National Psyche.  Here is an excerpt from

Publishing is fun… as well as profitable… and increasingly easy when you use your competition to help you succeed.  When you are publishing online, your competition can help lead you to greater financial security and satisfaction.

Here is an excerpt from a lesson in our course on “Self Publishing… Self Fulfilled – How to Write and Self Publish”.  I hope these ideas help you find out how to profit from and eliminate income inequality.

Threading a Focus Created by Competition

Often our biggest obstacles lead us to our greatest opportunities.  Obstacles like competition are really not obstacles at all.  Successful businesses don’t see competition as a problem… they use competition for stimulation and as leverage instead.   A lot of competition is a sign that there is a big problem that many people are trying to solve.  Problems create opportunity and competition can act like a slingshot to enhance your self publishing success.

Today it is possible for anyone to have an international publishing business. The secret is simply to start, but to start slowly and grow from your existing experiences and skills.

This “go slow” approach works especially well when you start your business doing something you enjoy.  This allows you to turn your passions to profits. For example, if you love to golf, consider publishing “The Guide to the World’s Best Public Golf Courses”.  This is a publication that might even lead to organizing golf tours around the world.  We’ll look at the tour aspect a bit more in a moment.

Perhaps, your publication should be a calendar with 12 famous overseas golf courses.  A report on the best new golf clubs might be good.  If you are involved in natural health… how about “Seven Ways to Golf Yourself to Better Health”?  How about “When golf is important to you, which countries should you exclude to move to.”

The list of ideas could go on and on.   The point is you will turn pleasurable activity (to do a golf tour or a calendar, you obviously have to play those courses!) into a tax deductible expense and hopefully, make some profit as well.

This is one way to use competition to help you get ahead.  Spot two large markets… like golf and natural health.  Create a niche using both of them like perhaps “Natural Secrets that Avoid Golf Injury.”  You create a unique niche within two large areas of focus… and have two markets… the golfers and the natural health believers to tap.

This is called “A Double Niche”.  Remember the phrase because we’ll see later in the lesson how we expanded our profits and the size of our list of readers from 20,000 to 30,000 in a year in this way.


Here are three simple steps, you can use to start your publishing business.

* Step #1: Become more informed.  Set a schedule. Regularly read everything you can about your area of focus. Remember, everything you read has been published by your competition!  Talk to experts (other experts if you already are) with an open mind and others involved in the area of interest.

* Step #2:  Get started in a small way.   Big is not better… especially when you start.  Make your mistakes (and you will) while your business is small. Mistakes are the magic markers in your learning curve!  Doing is a better teacher than the reading in Step #1 above.  This has been our Kindle approach using experience to help us create our plan.

For example in a moment you’ll see how one reader who attended our Writer’s Camp wrote a Quinoa Cookbook and picked up ten thousand readers in less than a week… even though the book had just 13 recipes.

* Step #3: Study your competition.  It is the confirmation that you are on the right track… that a market exists for your product, service or information.  The aspects of their service or product you hate are what you’ll avoid. What they offer that you love… you’ll make better.  The cost of their product… you’ll beat… in some way…though not necessarily with a lower price.

Let me insert an important point about pricing and profit here.   The key to maintaining profits is margin. Good margins usually mean good profits.  The way to maintaining margins is to make your product, service or publication unique.  The reason we study our competition is not to create a similar product that we sell at a lower price.  Similar products can become commodities and the only way to compete with commodities is by lowering the price.

The real reason we study competition is to understand the problem they solve and to create a unique niche within that area of focus that can be uniquely priced (with an even better margin).

Let’s review one other incredibly important point about publishing and price.  All the concepts of pricing in publishing are being thrown out the window because of epublishing.  Previously hardbound books cost $12.95 or $24.95 and  paperbacks $4.95.  With time and inflation the price doubled.  Normally 10% to 15% of this price went to the writer.  The balance was absorbed in the printing, publishing, promoting, delivery process.

When epublishing came along prices dropped in half.  You can buy most well known authors on Kindle for $12.95 or less.

This drop is not enough.  The publishing industry was dominated by the high cost of getting books to books stores. Editing, printing and shipping costs inhibited newcomers and this allowed the big publishers to be very antiquated and inefficient…. for generations.

This also left established publishers with a lack of imagination.  They were thrown into the highly competitive, rapidly evolving world of high tech… thinking like antiquated businesses spawned by Gutenberg. Cutting the price in half… when the costs of publication have dropped 80% and could drop 90% or more, is not enough.  The collapse of Borders is just the shot across the bow.  Expect more established publishers to fold!

Merri and I read fiction to relax and we like most Baldacchi and loved the Stieg Larson’s books.   I am a Reacher Creature (Lee Child) and buy most of Michael Connely’s books and get a kick out of the Wizard PI from Chicago, Harry Dresden (Jim Butcher).   However, the last three books I purchased on my Kindle were none of these names.   Chris Culver, Rick Murcer and Kate Johnson got my money instead… new names selling their books at .99 cents each. They were all good and I am increasingly hesitant to pay $12.99 for a book when I can find a good read for .99 cents.  I am betting that millions of others are feeling this way as well!

End of excerpt

This incredible drop in price is possible because in epublishing the margins are almost 100%!  Once the book is published and posted at, every sale is pure profit! was evolutionary to spot this.  By creating their Kindle system for the new publisher they left the established author and the antiquated, established authors exposed.  The smart established authors will do okay.  They’ll simply bypass their existing publisher and go direct.

Main stream publishing was never an industry where advertising counted a lot.  Publishers threw a lot of mud…relied on word of mouth and protected that which stuck.  This is why entry via the old system was so hard.  Publishers did not know what new publication would work and were always afraid to step out…that cost too much.

The best the industry could do was put something on the shelf and at the front of the book store to try getting some buzz in the hopes that enough buyers would start a word of mouth trend.   Word of mouth remained the big marketing tool and the publishing industry again and again failed to see the next big thing coming… James Redfield (Celestine Prophesy)…  Harry Potter (JK Rowling) and the Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) are three examples.

You do not have to be a great writer to start self publishing.  In fact no matter how golden your pen may be, being a great writer is not the key.   History is littered with great writers… and their books that were never read.

The self publishing message is this.  “Find a mission or purpose that will shake the world.  Make a big promise and deliver it!”

You do not have to be perfect to do this.  All you have to do is start.  You’ll see why in a quote from the best selling writer alive (just guess who it is) in a moment.

Where do you get the big idea?  Writing is about passion and purpose.   You won’t care what anyone says about your writing if you love to write or…  if you have a passion that writing helps you share.  The passion and purpose count. The critics and praise matter not.

You can fulfill your purpose and have a profitable writer’s career.  This mini course provides inspirational self publishing stories and shares how many beginning writers now use eCommerce to inspire and earn.  See self publishing successes below that can also be yours.

The tales in this course show how people… beginners and experienced writers alike are taking advantage of epublishing.

Yet there is a process that if you follow… you enjoy success while in pursuit of this bigger goal.

The first step in this process is to focus on a niche and create trust with the readers in that niche.  Take Merri’s and my publishing business as an example.   Our readers know that the content at our sites is about leading edge ideas related to fighting inflation, global investing, having micro businesses, natural health and being free to live anywhere.  These are all anti establishment ideas because we are both authority challenged and have always been out on the leading edge feeling our way.

Our websites create a community of like minded souls around this niche which is why we have been teaching how to self publish for over 20 years… way before and ebooks made the process so much easier to start.

Once a writer has become branded and has a list of readers,  it is easier to expand within the niche or to expand into others.

For example in writing about international investments, I spotted that my readers also had an interest in Ecuador and natural health.  This created two new avenues of writing for me.

Another inspiration story and lesson comes from Barry and Janae Weinhold who write only non fiction. Barry and Jane were already highly successful authors when they attended our Writer’s Camp. They wrote: We were successful authors before attending the Writer’s Camp, with our first book published in 1989 selling over 200,000 print copies. With the tips from your course last fall, we have published six new ebooks in Kindle format that are now available  at

Thanks for helping us get the word out about Barry’s 2-part Breaking Family Patterns series. Janae has also released her 3-part Con Job series.

weinhold book

We’ve co-authored “How To Break Free of the Drama Triangle and Victim Consciousness.”

weinhold book

Our monthly royalty checks are now coming in and we are very pleased with the response to our new books (656 books sold and 1295 free downloads in seven months). We have six more new ebooks in the pipeline for publication.  Our goal is to publish twelve new ebooks by our one-year course anniversary. We couldn’t have published this quickly without the great support we received from your Writer’s Camp. We highly recommend it to anybody seeking the fast track to becoming independent self-publisher.

Self Publishers can also write in more than one niches.

Nickolette Goff writes non fiction in two niches.  Her first book was a Quinoa recipe cookbook with 13 recipes.  She had 10,000 downloads of the book in five days and obtained dozens of good reviews!

You can get 13 more great quinoa recipes in Nicki Goff’s book at the links below.


You can order Nicki’s first book at

She wrote:  Hi, Gary,  Book sales are actually going well, and I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’m so grateful to you and Merri  for pushing me to get some action going!

The free promos really get things going, and seem to reignite sales.

Two more in the works – both on gardening topics.  Best wishes for 2013 to you and Merri.   Love, Nicki

What a joy seeing how helping and connecting people helps self publishers create their own special success.  How beautiful to see friends turn their passions into profit!

Nicki learned at the camp that getting these downloads is step three in a seven step process. We (and others) have been helping Nicki and our delegates walk through these steps so they can earn income through writing and publishing again and again.

Nicki is now well on her way to wonderful self publishing success.   She just completed her fourth book in a totally different genre gardening. This book is “Under Cover Gardening”.

She used the three day free Kindle marketing program again. Read about Nicki’s new book here.

kindle book

Nicki wrote:  Gary: My book was downloaded exactly 6000 times during the 3 days, and is selling around 5 per day right now.  I’m very pleased with the results  three 5* reviews so far.  Nicki

The Process.

Chances are that most books you write will not tap into the national psyche.  However Nicki’s books show the process that you use to create a steady income as you build inventory.   She is publishing numerous books in each of the genres she loves.  This creates extra income and added inventory if one of your books becomes a big success.

Let’s look at Nicki’s example again to see these benefits. Imagine this. Nicki writes a half dozen books, three on organic gardening and three on quinoa.

Then imagine that Oprah is interested in quinoa, reads Nicki’s book and has her on the show.  Nicki’s quinoa book sales will go bananas.  So too will all her other quinoa books.   Add further to this example and say that the national psyche just happens to be focused on better nutrition when this all happens.  If so, Nicki’s organic gardening book sales will skyrocket as well.

To sum this up… write a lot.  The increased number of publications will allow you to keep your price low, but generate income that keeps you writing as you build inventory so any bigger success can grow in exponential bonds.

You can also self publish at any age.  A number of our friends who have used our writer’s course to self publish are in their 70s and 80s.  Yet college students have self published as well.

The father of the family of four wrote:  Hi Gary and Merri:  Just thought y’all would like to know that today Doss published his first book.  It is called College Confidential and it is currently listed at number 42 on amazon. com.  He would not have done it but for our experience this summer at your Writer’s Camp.

So, here is thanking you both very much.

Bill Winter

This book is written by a student, for students, College Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Success written by Doss Winter is filled with practical tips and insider information addressing everything from Academics to getting your Zzzzs.

doss winter

Order College Confidential at here.

Small self publishers are in a win – win situation for many reasons.

Merri became involved in self publishing over 40 years ago… first helping a veterinarian publish a book on a very specific market… animal acupuncture. Then she showed a needle point artist how to sell more books to an even more specific audience… “needle point enthusiasts”  about her needle point work to an audience larger than the population of the city she lived in.  This led Merri to eventually become Executive Editor of an award winning magazine in Florida.  She lectured to magazine writers, editors and publishers and centered on helping them move up to award winning status as well as helping them meet their financial goals.

Our first joint book was in the early 1980s and was not a book…but a bound set of individual courses…which brought in almost a million dollars…since then we have collaborated and produced hundreds of books and reports…hoping to help others with their ideas, thoughts and projects.

My story allowed me to work and live from Hong Kong to London to Europe to Eastern Europe, then the Caribbean and then Ecuador… making millions in the process of following my adventures and having fun… while helping a large readership adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Self Publishing has created exactly the lifestyle we desire with a farm in North Carolina, orange groves and home in Florida… hotel and condos and a hacienda in Ecuador and the ability to work at what we love and enjoy.

Hard at work in Florida during the winter.

self-publishing-specific publishing

Working during the summer on our North Carolina farm.

Merri’s and my story also reflects how Self Publishing can enhance relationship.  Merri and I have not spent a night apart since we began publishing together over 30 years go.

self-publishing-specific publishing

Here we are heading up to our seminar hall at our Blue Ridge farm to speak with a group about Self Publishing.

Here’s what some of the folks who attended our self publishing seminar had to say about what they learned:

“The course fulfilled all my expectations providing all the details necessary to start a publishing business from creating the idea, through marketing including the systems necessary to implement our ideas.” — B. C., Chiropractor  California

“Gary, your system is jam packed with vital information. My head is spinning. Thank goodness this is all backed up by your manual. This is a true and cherished gift. Your tips are a blessing! Thank you once again. The value far exceeds the price.”  — B. K., Investor Pennsylvania

“The course was excellent covering all the facets of publishing. The philosophy of keeping small with no employees alone made the course invaluable. Gary and Merri, you were excellent!” — S. K., Businessman

“Your program gave me insight on what to do with widening my client base.”
— M.E., Real Estate Broker Florida

“We found the course interesting and informative. We were inspired to start work on a booklet. When we came down, we had no idea what to publish.”
— Employed couple from New York

“Your publishing course is outstanding! Just two hours of study on Sunday alone were worth more than the course price.”
— A publisher from California

“The course helped me in three ways. #1: To realize that it is not only OK but preferable to start small. #2: A small point but with big implications was Merri’s description of how she is going to make Gary an expert in the sport’s field. #3: I feel I have a workable program to have a newsletter — my own passion!”  – T. B., Professional Washington

These are just a few of the many hundreds I’ve received from people that we have personally trained at our seminars to turn their passions into profits through publishing.

This is a special offer… our course on how to be a self publisher, 101, 202 plus our course on how to use the internet and a website in your business  and four bonuses for you.

Bonus #1: Get the 50 minute Video Workshop worth $99 “How to Start Your Own Internet Business” presented by our webmaster David Cross,

This video explains the secrets of setting up a good self publishing website.

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Self Publishing has entered a new era as a new business art form and we want to share with you how to start your own  self publishing business now.

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* How to use the internet to publish

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* How to develop your website

* The top 10 internet tips to use and the top 10 traps to avoid

Despite income inequality, the Great American Dream Still Exists!

Our publishing business has brought us more wealth, satisfaction, fun and friendship than we ever imagined possible. And now we want to share our knowledge and secrets with anyone who has a desire to experience this way of life.

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Gary Scott

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