A Most Important Element in Our World

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Merri and I use Lampe Berger catalytic cleansers in our home because oxygen is perhaps the most important element in the world.   We are about t0 release the second report in our shamanic natural health series.  This report is about purification and looks at how to cleanse the body for better health from the outside in.

Here is an excerpt from that report.

Oxygen is the third-most abundant element in the universe.  That’s good because we need it to live, but according to a report by the Scripts Institute (1)  oxygen levels show a global downward trend, because of fossil-fuel burning.


Catalytic Lampe Berger air purifier in our kitchen.

Cleaning up the atmosphere is important yet the bigger more immediate problem most people face is pollution indoors.

A government report ” The Inside Story A Guide to Indoor Air Quality” (2) says: In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.

Modern lifestyles fill the home with bad stuff.  Cooking, especially with a a gas stove, can create unsafe levels of nitrogen dioxide.  Steam, in the kitchen and bathroom, promotes the growth of mold.  Paints release compounds that may have a range of subtle health effects, even in low doses over a long period of time.  Carpets harbor dirt, dust mites, pet dander, dirt, fungus and other unhealthy particles plus many of them ”off gas” chemicals including formaldehyde. Formaldehyde also off gasses from glues in cabinets and furniture, shelving and countertops.  Many off-the-shelf cleansers contain powerful and often toxic solvents, antibiotic pesticides and other unhealthy chemicals.

Here is a beautiful way to use essential oils to make sure that the air you breath in your home is refreshing and pure.

The best air purifier I have ever come across is the French system, a low burning catalytic cleaner made up of a porous medium that burns pure alcohol with some essential oils.


Catalytic air purifier in the breakfast room.

The burner is generally a metal or an oxide which provides active sites, where the chemical reaction takes place.


Note:  the burner is on top of the purifier.

The best of these air purifiers I have tried is made in France by LAMPE BERGER.  The model above uses their ceramic AIR PUR System 3C® burner.  These ideas began in French hospitals in the 1800s but now are the result of several years of research aimed at ensuring efficient cleansing of the air and the quality of the  diffusion of the fragrance of essential oils.  Odor in the home is essentially dissolved rather than covered up.

These lamps are beautiful, work really well.


Essential-oil-lamp. Catalytic air purifier in our living room.

The effect in a room with Lampe Berger is simply wonderful.  They are good looking works of art and hospital grade purifiers.

We obtain our supplies through the mail from Scooter Murray at www.LaPetiteFL.com

Scooter can answer questions from his email:  LaPetitemaisonforyou@gmail.com

We live in a pollutant filled world and there is not much we can do about the multitude of air problems outside our home.  However,  we can make sure the air inside that we breathe the most, smells wonderful, is clean and pure and delightful!


(1)  Scripts Institute report on oxygen depletion

(2)  The Inside Story A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

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