Here’s Your Christmas Gift

by | Dec 25, 2015 | Archives

Merry Christmas. We wish you a special day wherever you are in the world!


This year we are celebrating Christmas at our Florida home and Merri and I have organized a Christmas gift for you.

How magnificent this celebration, a fullness of light and positive energy so near the darkest, shortest day.

At Christmas we celebrate at dawn… the beginning… because somewhere the sun always shines.


Dawn at our Florida home.

Christmas Dawn brings a moment of silence, a brief stillness in our hearts that promises new beginnings, clean slate ahead and a breathless expectancy of more and better ahead.  This moment embeds the heart of the mid winter solstice in our hearts and unites us in eternal new beginnings that we can celebrate today.

Merri and I send our best wishes that each of you, our friends, are filled with inner joy and peace each and every day.

We have prepared a special report that outlines seven of the most important steps you can take for better natural health.    You can download Seven, Simple, Inexpensive Steps For Better Health here FREE as our Christmas gift to you.