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Ecuador legal contacts are vital.  The Ecuadorian legal system is complex and filled with red tape.   The process of getting visas, licenses and such can be frustrating even when you have the best assistance.  Without honest, capable help, these legals applications can become impossible.

Ecuador attorney

Floridalav Zambrano advising clients at her Manta office.

Here is the type of letter I often get from readers who are trying to get visas and such in Ecuador.

Dear Gary and Merri:  We just found out today that our facilitator is being investigated by immigration. This has taken forever and still there is no visa.  We started poking around and got some hint that trouble ensues and we are in the middle in limbo.  This person had great testimonials.  I researched several before choosing  and did so before  we knew of your resources.  We finally got receipts for two out of three of our submissions to immigration and we are in touch with the complaints ministry but it is still an unknown situation as to what errors may be needing to be corrected and how much longer we have to wait here.  Any ideas or suggestions?

My reply was:  “After spending many years working with numerous Ecuador attorneys we zeroed in on just a few that we have used again and again.”

The attorney we use on the coast (and often in the Andes) is Floridalva Zambrano who has now opened a second office in Manta in the Edificio Fortaleza.

ecuador attorney

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