Quash the April Fool’s Ecuador Rumor

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Archives

Let’s quash a bad April Fool’s Ecuador rumor.   Many readers sent me notes about a posting at an Ecuador expat website stating that existing residents and new residents of Ecuador will be required to be proficient in Spanish.  While this is a good idea, it is not true.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 6.59.01 AM

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We always use our contacts to thoroughly check rumors like this and our Ecuadorian attorney replied:   Hi Gary,  No, I did a  search on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  There is nothing in regard to this.  Looking at some blogs that expats publish, it’s only a bad joke.  best regards.

I highly recommend that anyone planning to live in Ecuador learn Spanish, but this is not required.

Happy April!


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