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Here is a tip for everlasting wealth in an internet business.  Selling products and services online can be profitable if you stay in touch with the national mood.

There are many ways that you can get free expert guidance on how to market your products and services over the Internet.

For example, one way I stay in touch with the national mood is through Orvis Catalogues.

The Orvis mainly sells shirts, jackets, shoes and pants, but the story changes with the National Mood.

Orvis has been selling sports clothing and equipment for over 100 years and they stay in business because their catalog is so attuned to the times.

For example their Spring 2001 catalog was more an adventure travel book than a hard sell catalog.

orvis catalog

Orvis Spring 2001 catalog

There were five pictorial themes featured, “The Serengeti Safari, Walking with the Masai”, “Amazonia, Cruise the Amazon and Rio Negro”, “The American West”, “A Celtic Journey” and “Gulf Coast, the Bird’s Eye View”.

orvis catalog

Orvis Spring 2001 catalog

Pictures included scenery, wildlife, rugged outdoor type people, (a cowboy, African photographer, fly fishing guide, two authors of outdoor books and a tug boat captain).  You get so caught up in the stories that the offers sort of sneak up on you.

orvis catalog

Orvis Spring 2001 catalog

The whole package kept one reading.  This was marketing at its best.  Plus of course there were numerous mentions that Orvis is committed to conservation and gives 5% of its pre-tax profit for the conservation of critical fish and wildlife habitat (which sells to the convictions market).

The national mood changed after 911.  Adventure was not in the national mood.  War was the thought.  The Spring 2002 Orvis catalog featured leather bomber jackets amidst pictures of bombers, jets and military planes.


Offers for Navy Pea Coats were accompanied by pictures of war ships and such.


The national mood had changed.  So too had Orvis’s marketing.

Marketers should find it interesting to note that the current Orvis Catalog is once again offering escape and adventure!  Orvis has a terrific marketing team which spends a great deal of time and energy,  determining the mood of the market.

We can take advantage of effort and knowledge by simply checking in with Orvis.  Their products remain the same….pants, shoes, shirts, vests and such.  I like to watch how their stories change.

One way to sense the national mood is to get an Orvis catalog (1) and use it as a bellwether to gauge the marketing acumen of any company you might be considering for an investment.


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(1) Orvis: Historic Route 7A. Manchester Vt 05254, Tel: 1-800-548-9548 or http://www.orvis.com/


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