Medium Risk in High Risk Times

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There is great opportunity in medium risk portfolios during high risk times.  This last week Merri and I received 100 fresh Ecuadorian Roses.


We took them to Mount Dora and decorated the seminar room at the Lakeside Inn where we had a full house for our Super Thinking + Spanish course.


While conducting the course, a lot happened in Switzerland, Russia and Ecuador.   Many readers sent email like this: Gary,  What did you think of what happened with Putin yesterday and the Swiss stock market today?  Yowza!

My reply was that while doing seminars I am focused on helping the attendees rather than what’s in the news. I was was not even aware of events until the morning after.

Fortunately, these short term blips do not impact my investing plan.  In fact unexpected changes have been expected for several months.  See why I expected change and wrote in October 2014 why there should be a correction in equity markets.

Evidence strongly suggests that we are in the final stages of long term bear market and we believe that markets are looking for a reason for the market to fall for one more serious correction in this bear. My expectation is that we’ll see one final correction in the market before the next long term bull begins.  Events in Switzerland or in Russia are related to low oil prices may be triggers that cause stocks to drop in price.  However, these events are not the reason for the contraction.

Also in October 2014 we looked at why and how we should expect a strong USA dollar now.

Ignore short terms ups and downs.  Create a long term strategy that seeks value regardless of short term volatility.

To help you develop your own plan that takes advantage of falling share prices and a strong greenback, we are sharing access to five ENR International Investing conference calls by Eric Roseman and Thomas Fischer of ENR Asset Management.  The calls were recorded last week.  Each call reviews of different types of portfolio and as a Gary Scott reader, you can listen in free.   Last Saturday  we began by looking at a low risk portfolio strategy.

Today we are sharing a medium risk strategy.

Eric Roseman and Thomas Fischer are my investment advisers at ENR Asset Management. ENR is the access route to an investment account with Jyske Bank.  Merri and I are sponsoring two Multi Currency Asset Allocation seminars with ENR so you can meet Eric and Thomas.

You are invited to meet them first via these conference calls.   Join in at no cost as a Gary Scott reader.

Call 905-694-9451  or 1-800-408-3053 and use the  Viking Medium Risk Portfolio Pass code: 696122198 #

Click here to see the Power Point Presentation as you listen to the 30 minute conference call.

Screen shot 2015-01-18 at 8.38.22 AM

Viking MEDIUM Risk (JAN 12 2015)

You can also tune into the Low Risk Conference call click here.

See how to Order Fresh Ecuador Valentine Roses here


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