The Power of Essential Oils in Super Thinking & Health

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There is great health balancing power in essential oils.  Even the gifts that wise men carried were gold and essential oils.

sandalwood plantation

Sandalwood Plantation

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Numerous scientific studies have been published at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI).

Science is now proving again what the wise men knew over 2000 years ago.  One study at NCBI “Evaluation of the effects of East Indian sandalwood oil and alpha-santalol on humans after transdermal absorption” (1) tells of an experiment that studied  the effects of East Indian sandalwood oil on important physiological, mental and emotional responses in healthy humans after transdermal absorption.  The  parameters studied were blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, breathing rate, eye-blink rate, pulse rate, skin conductance, skin temperature, and surface electromyogram.  The study found that the sandalwood oil caused significant physiological changes that created a relaxing/sedative effect, that relaxed the body but activated the mind.

Another NCBI publication about inhaling bergamot orange aroma (2) says: Workplace stress-related illness is a serious issue, and consequently many stress reduction methods have been investigated. Aromatherapy is especially for populations that work under high stress.

Another study studied three groups, one control, one listened to soft music  and one inhaled the aroma of Bergamot Orange  essential oil.   Bergamot orange is a fragrant fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow colour similar to a lemon.

The autonomic nervous system activity was tested.

Participants were randomly allocated to one of four study groups including (1) a music group, (2) an aroma group, (3) a combined music and aroma group, and (4) a control group.  Participants in the music group were asked to listen to preselected soft music for 15 minutes, and those in the aroma group were asked to inhale Citrus bergamia essential oil vapor generated from an ultrasonic atomizer for 15 minutes.

High and low frequencies of Heart Rate Variability were measured to see how the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system responded.

The percentage changes of normalized Heart Rate Variability were significantly different among the four groups.   The conclusion found was that listening to soft music and inhaling Citrus bergamia essential oil were effective ways to relax.

Yet another NCBI study investigated the effect of rose oil (3) on human autonomic parameters and emotional responses in healthy subjects after transdermal absorption.  Compared to placebo, rose oil caused significant decreases of breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation and systolic blood pressure, which indicate a decrease of autonomic arousal.  At the emotional level, subjects in the rose oil group rated themselves as more calm, more relaxed and less alert than subjects in the control group.  These findings are likely to represent a relaxing effect of the rose oil and provide some evidence for the use of rose oil in aromatherapy, such as causing relief of depression and stress in humans.

This is why we use both Baroque music and essential oil to help achieve a healthy state of relaxed concentration in our Super Thinking + Spanish course and Writer’s Camps.


Merri and I have added a Super Thinking Longevity session into both of the January and February courses that help create long term mental, physical and emotional balance.

Here are some of the subjects covered in these sessions:

* The three fundamentals of longevity. Gain secrets of nutrition, exercise and purpose so you’ll eat, work and sleep better and more peacefully through the elements of water, fire and air.

* How to use the five senses to be long lived and feel good.

* Andean-Indian connection language, exercise and food. How to shift fact from fiction and to apply ancient wisdom to a modern lifestyle.

* Air, fire and water Imbalances. What they are. How they impact your health and thinking.

*  Three ways to reduce imbalances to conquer anger, depression and anxiety.

* Andean Food Mixtures.  How to lose 43 pounds in eight weeks and expand your energy!

* Incan Cleansing Tactics. Create an internal fountain of youth.

* Three simple fruits, three spices and three internal cleaners that remove plaque, lower blood pressure and clean and lubricate the joints.

* Adding strength through the diet. Six magic foods, how to turn quinoa, corn, beans, eggs, cheese and yogurt into increased muscle mass.

* Natural Growth Hormone Inducers.  Three secrets for a youthful body.

* High Mountain Dreams. Seven ways to get deep, revitalizing, good night’s sleep.

* Seven Inca exercises that will add years to your life and life to your years.

* Inca dietary secrets for weight loss, purification and vitality. How to buy, cook, prepare, serve and eat.

* Cleansing herbal showers and drinks you can make and use at home.

* The Secret of the Golden Thread. How to make every day seem like a lifetime.

(You gain these sessions at the courses at no additional cost.)

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(1)  US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health as Evaluation of the effects of East Indian sandalwood oil and alpha-santalol on humans after transdermal absorption

(2) US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health  Bergamont Orange Study

(3)  US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health  Relaxing Effect of Rose Oil


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