Everlasting Wealth is No Bull

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Everlasting wealth is no bull.  Stress, doubt and worry are.

No matter how much you have in earnings, investments and savings, you’ll still be worried if you are not in touch with the basics of everlasting wealth.


In the summer to get in touch with the basics, I often work in the woods.

gary scott

In winter I head for our greenhouse in Florida.

A mantra at this site is “Turn your passion into profit”.

A New York Times article entitled “No. 1 With a Bullet: ‘Nadeshot’ Becomes a Call of Duty Star” by Conor Dougherty (1) provides an example of turning passions in profit when it tells the story of 22 year old Matt Haag.  Three years ago Matt was working as a cook at McDonalds.   Today Haag is a professional video game player of Call of Duty, a popular series of war games.  He makes close to a million dollars a year sitting in a soft chair playing a game he loves to play.

He earns his income from contest winnings, streaming to 1.5 million YouTube subscribers along with lucrative contracts to live-stream his daily game sessions online from sponsors like Red Bull, the energy drink.

That’s a powerful example of turning a passion into profit!

Yet Mr. Haag isn’t having as much fun as he should. The NYT article sums up the problem with a quote from him.   “I think about my future probably at least 10 times a day,” he said.  “I think about what if this all goes away one day?  What if for some reason people just aren’t in your live stream tomorrow?  What if people aren’t clicking on your YouTube videos tomorrow?  What if your team doesn’t work out and you’re not performing that well and you have to quit competitively?  What happens when you can’t compete anymore and you want to retire because you’re going insane?”

His worry is not without reason.  His fan base is largely teenagers and those who sell to this audience live with the near-constant fear that their audience will abandon them for something or someone else.

He is trapped in a cycle where worry can actually create the future of his fears.  The article again explains in this quote:  On another evening, Mr. Haag, bags under his eyes, wanted to take a night off and go back to the house in Venice. He asked his teammates if they wanted to go with him. They declined.

Instead of letting his teammates siphon off fans who could be watching him, Mr. Haag changed his plan and stayed for yet another marathon session of streaming.

“I would love to go home and hang out, but you gotta do what you gotta do,” he said. “Can’t complain too much, playing video games for a living.

He’s 22.  He is making millions.  Instead of feeling on top of the world, he is stressed and worried.  That worry is likely to make his fear something real.

Haag’s worries reminded me of a question that hopefully can help you avoid stress.  Who runs a business… the customer, the owner or the bank?

The answer of course is all three… a successful business must serve all three interests… the business owner should be fulfilled, the customer has to be satisfied and the bank account needs more coming in than going out.  When a business attains this balance there is less stress.

Reduce the stress and a lot of the worry goes away.

Having your own business can be stressful.  However your own business can be extremely gratifying when you are doing what you love.  This is why Merri and I  love self publishing.  To be really financially successful in publishing you need to work hard… especially to begin.  You need good financial management.   You need the ability to adapt to change.  However self publishing is generally a low stress business.

Choose Your Level of Work

Long ago one of my first jobs was as a bus boy at a steak house in Portland, Oregon (Old Country Kitchen – Home of the 72 Ounce Steak).  This was owned and run by two hard working brothers.  They had a huge success (the place is still in business over 50 years later though I doubt that their 72 ounce steak is still $11.95!).   On weekend nights, diners would wait in the lounge for hours to get a table.

Saturday nights were the worst and one Saturday a customer was too long in the lounge… too hungry… too inebriated.  He came out to complain… loudly…. to the owner, Richard, who was on duty.

Richard was a feisty guy about 5 foot  3 inches but with a sharp wit and bustling energy.   He looked the drunk in the eye and said… “I am really sorry.  Sometimes I run this business.  Most of the time… like right now, the business runs me.“

How novel… the truth.  I cannot recall the diner’s reaction but that little piece of advice has remained with me over sixty years.  “Your business will often run you rather than the other way round.”  If you are going to create a master that sometimes directs you… it makes sense to create one you love and one that is managed to remain balanced through thick and thin.

Long term balance starts with the mind and body, with a set of values and a set of beliefs that anchor a deep inner confidence (your could call it faith) that whatever happens, it’s okay, it’s right and that all is in perfect order.  Your grounding in this type of attitude will bring you everlasting wealth.  That’s no bull!


Merri and I have added a Super Thinking Longevity session into both of the January and February courses that help create long term mental, physical and emotional balance.

Here are some of the subjects covered in these sessions:

* The three fundamentals of longevity. Gain secrets of nutrition, exercise and purpose so you’ll eat, work and sleep better and more peacefully through the elements of water, fire and air.

* How to use the five senses to be long lived and feel good.

* Andean-Indian connection language, exercise and food. How to shift fact from fiction and to apply ancient wisdom to a modern lifestyle.

* Air, fire and water Imbalances. What they are. How they impact your health and thinking.

*  Three ways to reduce imbalances to conquer anger, depression and anxiety.

* Andean Food Mixtures.  How to lose 43 pounds in eight weeks and expand your energy!

* Incan Cleansing Tactics. Create an internal fountain of youth.

* Three simple fruits, three spices and three internal cleaners that remove plaque, lower blood pressure and clean and lubricate the joints.

* Adding strength through the diet. Six magic foods, how to turn quinoa, corn, beans, eggs, cheese and yogurt into increased muscle mass.

* Natural Growth Hormone Inducers.  Three secrets for a youthful body.

* High Mountain Dreams. Seven ways to get deep, revitalizing, good night’s sleep.

* Seven Incan exercises that will add years to your life and life to your years.

* Incan dietary secrets for weight loss, purification and vitality. How to buy, cook, prepare, serve and eat.

* Cleansing herbal showers and drinks you can make and use at home.

* The Secret of the Golden Thread. How to make every day seem like a lifetime.

(You gain these sessions at the courses at no additional cost.)

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(1) No. 1 With a Bullet: ‘Nadeshot’ Becomes a Call of Duty Star


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