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Roberto Ribadeneira of Ecuador Export Logisitcs is on the A Team Ecuador and he sent me this note about Ecuador exports.

Extra Income with Ecuadorian Products

Ecuador exports can help you give beautiful gifts. How?  The answer is very simple; sell Elite Handmade Ecuadorian Products in the USA or Canada.

Imagine buying these Tagua Bracelets for $2.00 in Ecuador, yes $2.00 in Ecuador… and selling them for at least $12.00 wholesale and over $20.00 retail. You are making 600% markup (before other expenses). If you go retail yourself, then it’s many times more.

We have people buying hundreds of these items and making a whole lot of money. Tagua products sell very well.

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ecuador exports

Tagua Bracelet (Handmade)

You can buy a necklace starting at $3.50 and sell it wholesale for $15.00 and retail for at least $25.00. Those are also great numbers when it comes to margins, and keep in mind that you can sell dozens of these items since the price still affordable.

ecuador exports

Tagua Necklace

This beautiful shawl is only $2.5 in Ecuador but you can sell it for $12 wholesale and $15.00 retail. It doesn’t weight much so shipping is very cheap on the item. It is light and looks amazing.

ecuador exports

Shawl (comes in all colors)

Leather products are very well made. We work with people in Cotacachi who handmade very single one of the items that we export. They all are 100% leather and our team takes great pride in making sure that the finish work its outstanding.
Price in Ecuador is $30.00 for the 13” model, which gives you plenty of room to make money. You can wholesale it for $45 and retail for $80.00. This is the kind of item that you want to retail, since the price is a little higher and people are willing to pay a little more.

ecuador exports

Leather Laptop Bag 13” model


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