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Older can be better in a pinnacle career.   This is the fourth chapter in our Older is Better series (1).   A pinnacle career is like an encore career but better because it brings you better places that suit you better, better friends, better health and wealth.

North Americans move less than they did a few decades ago, but remain the most mobile people in the world.  According to a Washington Post article on “Life Mobility” (2) a 2013 Gallup survey, found that nearly a quarter of Americans had moved from their city or area in the past five years.  This mobility creates a problem as well as an opportunity.

mobility recovery chart

Graph from University of the Pacific website. (click to enlarge)

The problem of mobility is that many who are mobile then try to go back to their original home.

You are no longer the same person you were when you left so you have a different type of like minded soul.

A course on returning home at the website of University of the Pacific in California (3) outlines that returning home can be difficult because:

#1: It Is Largely Unexpected.

#2: The Reality of Home Differs from Reality.

#3: Change Has Occurred to Everyone.

#4: People May React to Returnees in Ways They Consider Inappropriate.

#5: Reverse Culture Shock Is Neither Recognized nor Understood at Home.

There are pinnacle career benefits in mobility.

At last weeks Writer’s Camp I asked delegates how many of them lived in the town where they were born and grew up.  How many raised their hands?  Not one.  We at that course were like minded souls.

One delegate noted this when she sent this note after the Camp.  “Merri & Gary  … many thanks to you both for such a good conference… it was a nice group of like-minded people!  I think there are things on the wings that are coming forth in good time for all of us.  Things close to our hearts are revealed and come into form and matter at the right moments in time.  At this wonderful age… we all feel a strong  soul-call-direction to move forward with our intention to accomplish things dear to us… including quiet times of nothingness … which is where everything really is.”

We grow when we live in more than one place.  Travel expands our horizons as we gain new sites, sounds, tastes and ideas.  “Home” becomes a way of life rather than where you come from.  You no longer fit into the shape of the puzzle piece that you left behind.   The process of growing can mean that you never really feel settled.  Where you belong is where you are and your friends are based on beliefs and being rather than location.

The Best Home

After the camp I spent some time speaking with one British delegate who is retiring.   He has been employed in the the Middle East for decades.  We discussed the challenges that this era of mobility has created.  Once one has moved around far from the home of their youth, it is very hard to go back.  The good news is with a pinnacle career there is no need to go back.  You are free to be with friends wherever you desire rather than where you were born.

The Best Career

This is why Merri’s and my career are so important to us.  Our clients have become our friends.  Recently a reader of about 30 years sent this note.  “Gary, your Hong Kong experience was what fascinated me at the time and got me on your list those many decades ago.  I’ve not been disappointed since.  Warmest regards,”

The Best Friends

One of the greatest benefits that Merri and I offer our readers (and gain ourselves in the process) is that we are a magnet for like minded souls.  Again and again we find that one of the greatest benefits delegates gain at our courses are the ideas they gain from other delegates, from the discussions they enjoy and the friends they make from like minded souls.

Here are notes Merri and I received from delegates at our Writer’s Camp this last weekend.

“A WOW Weekend of Learning-Thanks! We just arrived home a few hours ago.  Thanks for a great weekend training…I am so pumped!  I describe myself to my family and friends as a Gary and Merri Scott groupie…LOL!”


“Gary and Merri–Great class–time well spent.  Will be in touch further with Lady Legends of Real Estate.  Other delegates expressed interest as Legends too.  Who knew?  All for now–cannot decide what I enjoyed most—your content Gary, or the meditation (never had but now researching more) or Merri or your speakers!!!  Fantastic.”


Hi Gary and Merri,  We really want to say thank you not only for what you do but HOW you do it.
You are great role models for us and we deeply appreciate the time we spent with you and also your generosity with contacts and tips for our trip !  Blessings to you both…. Love and Hugs.”


“Gary and Merri, We just want to be sure to thank you for a fabulous conference.  It was great. Very interesting, stimulating and inspiring.  So glad we had the opportunity to be there.  The guest speakers you had were all terrific as well.  We especially enjoyed Jackie and Bob Gandt and Candace was fabulous.  We look forward to seeing you both again soon. love.”


“Hello, Gary and Merri.  It was so great to see you both this weekend in Mt. Dora.  I enjoyed the course so much, both the content and the participants.  Great to get to meet Candace, and hear the other wonderful speakers, as well as the two of you of course.  Thank you so much for inviting me to participate.  Take care and hope to see you in 2015! Happy holidays. Love.”


“Hi Gary,  Thanks for a great seminar.  It was great to finally meet you and Merri plus all the attendees.  I got some great ideas which will help expand my companies. Wishing you the best.”

Almost every delegate put the value of the friends and contacts they gained among the top benefits of the Camp.

Older can be better because the more you do, the more you have to offer to like minded souls who have a common interest.  This is especially true when the people you meet in your pinnacle career are your friends as well.

Friendships Bring Wealth and Health

A Mayo Clinic article “Health Benefits of Friends” (4)  shows that friends improve your health as they increase your sense of belonging and purpose, boost your happiness and reduce your stress, improve your self-confidence and self-worth,  help you cope with traumas and encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise.

What more can we ask from a career doing what we love?

Pinnacle careers can bring us better homes, better friends, better health and that’s a never ending source of wealth!  Older can be better.  Modern technology  allows us to work with and serve like minded souls with common interests.  The same tools mean that age is not a factor anymore.  As you mature, as you gain greater experiences and have more to offer, instead of thinking “retire”, consider creating a pinnacle career.


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(2) Washington Post – The United States Still Most Mobile Country

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