Cross Referenced Optimization in 2015

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Cross Referenced Optimization (CRO) can improve finances and business.   Our focus in the year ahead will be helping our readers earn in low stress ways that do the human community (whether it is big or small community) good.

What’s the connection between…


this and this?


CRO can help you see the answer.

As this year ends and the new year begins we’ll focus on natural health, pinnacle careers and multi currency global, value investing.

This message today focuses on the earning power of  Cross Referenced Optimization (CRO).

There has been a lot of information touted about how to build a business with good search engine rankings. Most of it is old school thinking fit only for really big business.

However you can use Cross Referenced Optimization to beat the big guys in business.

Take for example Ecuador roses.  The biggest season for Ecuador roses is Christmas and guess who is the the largest shipper of Ecuador roses for last Christmas?

Our flower supplier sent this note after Christmas 2013. Gary, I see lots of orders coming in. We (you and I) have the biggest shipment for Christmas, by far surprising everyone else, including the big guys who ship directly from Ecuador.

This is such a wonderful feeling seeing the roses pile up in the cold room.

Seeing the boxes readied, knowing all the jobs that were created as the Ecuadorians help share the beauty from their land and hearts.

What is really interesting… and of profit to you… is that Merri and I are not in the rose business.

We offer the roses simply because our readers love them.

This success comes because we have learned how to use CRO to collect like minded souls interested in Ecuador who also happen to like Ecuador roses.


By the way, you can order roses or rose bouquets for Thanksgiving 2014 now.  See details here.

CRO marketing works obliquely by spotting cross references and hidden connections. CRO does not approach markets head on but uses a sideways momentum to capture highly competitive markets at a really low cost.

CRO Works

If you search Google for the phrase “Ecuador Christmas Roses”,  now almost a year after last Christmas, the first four rankings are to our websites, and

Keep in mind that Merri, David and I are NOT in the rose business. Yet we sell thousands and thousands of Ecuador roses… almost by accident.

How can this be?

Well… I admit. I really love roses so I can and do wax eloquently about them as I do about the people of Ecuador.

Plus I strongly believe the old Chinese proverb… “Flowers leave a part of their fragrance in the hands that bestow them.”

These facts have something to do with this little success, but mainly the answer is that we have cross referenced a connection between people interested in Ecuador and those interested in Ecuador roses.

This example may seem simplistic, but the concept can bring you joy and extra income.

How Cross Referenced Optimization Dramatically Increases Profits

One of the biggest expenses in internet marketing (or almost all direct marketing) is the cost of acquiring potential buyers.  Most direct marketers who use specific product terms in Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns find that customer acquisition costs are very high.

If I were marketing roses and wanted to advertise using the phrase “roses,” I might pay as much as $10 per lead because this is a very competitive phrase.  That could convert to $40 or $50 per initial sale.

However our business was built using low expense phrases such as “Ecuador”. There are many flower sellers. There were far fewer businesses offering information on Ecuador than selling roses.

That’s great, but I also found the connection that people who are interested in Ecuador are also interested in Ecuador roses. This creates an extra clientele FREE.  This makes the extra CRO developed rose business highly profitable.

Our first interest in CRO marketing began many years ago when I noticed that our international investing business attracted a disproportionate number of US southerners, Chiropractors and people of the Jewish faith. This puzzled me for years.

“What is the connection?” I asked again and again.  Then one day the answer hit me. “The connection was Persecution”.

Many Southerners still feel persecuted by the War between the States.

Growing up as an Oregonian, the Civil War was just an idea… known only through history books and the “Red Badge of Courage” which we had to read in our high school sophomore year. This was an idea without emotion attached.

Then one day I conducted a seminar in Pascagoula, Mississippi and was talking about how the US economy grew after the end of the Civil War.  One delegate jumped in with “Who the hell said it was civil and who the hell said it has ended?”  After the seminar I asked the MD who had sponsored this seminar if that delegate was joking.  The doctor said the man was serious and added that he believed the North had been beating up the South ever since.  When I married a girl from Georgia, I learned more clearly how true this is!

Chiropractors felt persecuted by the AMA.  Then they proved it. In the 1980s the AMA held that it was unethical for medical doctors to associate with an “unscientific practitioner,” and labeled chiropractic “an unscientific cult.”  In 1987 a chiropractor, Chester A. Wilk, DC, and co-plaintiffs brought a federal antitrust suit against the American Medical Association (AMA) and other co-defendants.  The chiropractors won.  The judge ruled that the AMA had engaged in an unlawful conspiracy in restraint of trade “to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession”.

The history of Jewish persecution has been repeated again and again.

The connection between these three groups and international investing was that they did not trust the establishment.  They were looking for alternate solutions in investing.  The obvious cross reference from anti-establishment wealth was alternate health ideas.

This has been the case for our business.  Our readers are interested in outside the box ideas on health and wealth.  This led to a large wave of readers coming to Ecuador a decade ago when living in that country was an out of the box idea.

The key to a successful ebusiness is finding and engaging like minded souls with common interests. Many successful marketers realize this and use Continual Cross Referencing (CRO).

Let’s take J. Peterman… one of America’s great direct marketing Pros as an example.  Peterman began marketing duster jackets in The New Yorker many years ago.

His business blossomed because he sold a lot of these coats and also found a connection he could cross reference.

Peterman’s connection is that people want romance in the products they buy.

This connection led him to sell hundreds of products ranging from David Niven blazers to Marie Antoinette nightshirts to Ecuador shaman shirts. Then he even expanded into marketing romantic travel.

Peterman’s CRO is sharing all the romance that is in exotic parts of the the world!  The J. Peterman Company’s mission states that its mission is to bring people the world.

Finding Buyers

The key to successful ebusiness is to find a product that attracts buyers who have a good CRO index, publish something about that product so it can be offered at a low customer acquisition cost.

The ultimate form of financial security is to serve in a way you love through your own business.  Turning your passion into profit with your own business makes sense in these technological times.

Once you have a product to sell… then you can use CRO to help that business grow.


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