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Learn more about how to fund your freedom.

Panama Relocation Service

Jackie Lange

One speaker at the November 14-15-16 Writer’s Camp camp is Jackie Lange, owner of Panama Relocation Tours ™.   Jackie has lived in 4 countries, visited 26 countries and moved 22 times and is celebrating her fourth year of relocation tours in Panama. So she knows a lot about relocating…..even relocating overseas. So she knows the importance of funding  freedom with Self-Publishing.

Jackie will present several case studies of how she has recently marketed books. For example she recently did a one week promotion for a product using seven sale letters.  This generated $51,000 of sales in one week.

Panama Relocation Service

Jackie conducts Panama relocation tours and her website (1)  says: There are many different ways to make money when you move overseas or even before you make the move.  My book “Fund Your Freedom Overseas” shows how to create a portable income… one that goes where you go and is not location dependent.  An ideal way to fund your freedom is with self-publishing.  Instead of writing articles for international publications that will put restrictions on what they will on what they will or will not accept, you will have a lot more freedom to express yourself with self-publishing either your articles or books.

Panama Relocation Service

Jackie writes: With self-publishing you don’t need a publisher and you don’t need to print hundreds of books. It is much better to start with a book you sell in digital format on Plus you can tap in to the power of the largest bookstore on the planet,, to sell your books.  Did you know Amazon has over 2.5 million credit cards on file for buyers who prefer to buy your books with 1-Click!.

A book does not need to be a novel. But it could be. Instead you can write about things you are passionate about. Do you love to make cookies? You could write a cookie cookbook complete with photos of yummy cookies.  Are you great at finding bargains at flea markets and garage sales? You could share your tips and tricks for what to look for and how to negotiate a great price. Do you love fishing? Write a book about your secrets to catching lots of fish.  Or, when you are traveling overseas, you can write about your adventures overseas.

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Meet Jackie at our upcoming November Writer’s Camp!

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