Medicine is Dose

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Medicine is dose.

We love the meandering creek on our farm.  This creek and the springs that create it provide us with fresh water year round.


However, at times this gentle stream turns into a destructive torrent, rutting roads, eroding land and it can even wipe out a bridge or two.

little horse creek

This is why I am happy to see that Candace Newman has released her latest report “Aromatherapy: How to Use Essential Oils Safely” at

There is a link below to get this report free today and over this weekend. (1)

Anything we can do to keep our bodies well balanced is important to our health and wealth.   Catastrophic medical intervention can ruin even the most balanced budget.  According to, health care is now the fifth largest expenditure in the average American’s budget.

The report is $2.99 but you can order it free for today and over this weekend.

(October 17, 18, 19.)   See a link below.

candace newman

Here is an excerpt from Candace’s latest report:  Plants and essential oils have always provided mankind with natural substances to support health and well-being on all levels. In our modern day growing use of essential oils, education on safe and proper use is critical. The right essential oil in the right form provides all the positive benefits of true Aromatherapy with genuine and pure essential oils.

Learn three forms for use and many methods for using them, along with important safety guidelines. Create your own Aromatherapy plan to fit your lifestyle and goals for healthy living.

Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile liquids and are not safe to take internally without professional medical assistance. They are taught in medical schools in France and prescribed along with other medicines.

Using essential oils too strong for too long is where the line of toxicity can be crossed. This is different for everyone. The right oil at the right time along with the right dilution, method of use, and length of use are all important considerations.

a.    The wrong essential oil in the wrong strength put a baby in the hospital for 2 months.

b.    A person putting straight oregano essential oil in their mouth, burned their throat badly. They ended up in the emergency room and had to be put on a feeding tube.

Do not apply pure essential oils directly to the skin for more that spot work.

Example: Lavender by the drop on a burn (unbroken skin only) or Tea Tree by the drop on a bite or sting. Essential oils can burn and irritate the skin. Citrus, mints, and spice oils can be especially irritating and cause troublesome skin reactions.

First, do no harm. Go in lightly … you can always add more. Once it has been administered … it’s already in the skin and the system.

Essential oils assist us through transitions, protect our health, and celebrate life with our sense of smell. They can relieve stress, support a healthy immune system, and comfort the body and mind. Too much of a good thing … is no longer a good thing.

This is good advice for anything you do.  Moderation is still one of the most important disciplines we can develop to enhance our health and wealth.


(1) Aromatherapy: How to Use Essential Oils Safely” at  Order FREE

(2)  Creditloan how consumers spend their checks

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