The Benefit of Positive

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During all times… good and bad, bet on the come.  Be positive… because this is the way of the world.

In fact this is the way of the universe… to expand and contract.  The times of contraction are the times of greatest value.  Cycles are part of life.  Yet the downs are always followed by the ups and vice versa.

Keep this in mind as the US Market just keeps climbing and climbing.   Right now low interest rates are bolstering this market, but it will correct again.   When it does, the world of investing savings, markets and pensions may seem bleak. dow chart

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When the world seems to be falling apart,  bet on a positive future.  The universe is behind you with expansion… growth…. revolution and greater abundance of… everything… for everyone.  This is the natural order of things.

Positive is the nature of things.  For example a study of how children learn found that moral stories promoting honesty but focused on negativity such as “Pinocchio” or “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”  did not reduce lying in children.

Positive stories like “George Washington and the Cherry Tree” increased truth-telling in children by a significant amount.  The tales that showed the negative effects of lying did not work.  The lessons  that emphasized the good effects of truthfulness did reduce lying.

Besides if we reach a period of true contraction… all bets will be off.

Real downturns (like a global plague or giant meteor hitting earth, or polar axis shift or  nuclear war) create so much unpredictability that knowledge, experience, control of assets, training, infrastructure  and material resources are likely to become useless in such times.  Only our inner resources will count if that were to happen. This is why we focus so much of our content on keeping the body fit and the mind active.

In  recessions, downturns and reversals… bet on the come.  History suggests that this is how to grow the most and you’ll be supported by the laws of nature.

The last time I spoke at a seminar in Quito, Ecuador almost 400 delegates were there.

pedernales real estate

My message at that seminar was “Don’t come to Ecuador to escape problems.  Come looking for the delights and opportunity.”

This makes all the difference to the pleasure and effectiveness of your Ecuador.

This was the story we shared.  This is my 46th year of international investing and business.  Going global is fun… exciting…. filled with profit and adventure.   Travel to new places expands horizons.  There have been Chicken Littles every place I have visited telling me the sky is about to fall.

It’s still up there and it is beautiful.

Whether you are in business or are an investor… bet on the come.  Everything in the universe suggests that better times really are ahead.   Just remember that the growth is not always steady and up, but comes in fits and starts.  Believe this and act on these facts and you are most likely to profit.


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