Ecuador Visa Update Q&A

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Ecuador Visa Update Q&A

A reader sent this note:  My husband and I are in the process of cleaning out and selling our house for a move to Ecuador.  We have been getting information from you for years and are lifetime members of your Ecuador Living Club and are itching to get over there.  Do we need to do some type of Visa here before leaving or can we do that when we arrive with the proper documents.

Thank you so much for all your information and guidance.  We will be coming to stay at your hotel in Cotacachi as it seems a beautiful place to settle.  Looking forward to meeting you and Merri at some future date.

Our Ecuador attorney replied:

It really doesn’t matter where you apply as long as the person applying for residency has the proper advice and all the documents he/she needs depending on the type of visa.

In case somebody gets the resident  visa abroad, it’s still required to record it here and to get the cedula or Ecuadorian ID here.

A person and or family can come to Ecuador on a 90 day tourist entry and apply for residency while they are here. If necessary, they can apply for an extension of the 90 days while their resident visa is being processed

It’s very important to bring the police background check,  marriage license and birth certificates duly apostilled.

If they are going to apply for a pensioner visa, they must bring their social security certificate legalized by an Ecuadorian Consulate.

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