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The magic in pinnacle careers is the global good.  Pinnacle careers are good for us as individuals, good for the nation and good for the global economy.   The Wall Street Journal article “America Needs to Rethink Retirement – Unleashing the economic power of older workers is essential for U.S. prosperity” by Nicholas Eberstadt and Michael W. Hodin shows why.

The article shows why and when it begins: With declining birthrates throughout much of the world, humanity is getting older.

population pyramid

Aging US Population Pyramid (click on image to enlarge).

The article shows that: The American population is aging too (median age: just under 38), though more slowly thanks to immigration and a relatively high birthrate (almost two births per woman, in contrast to Japan’s 1.2-1.4).  But this won’t last forever.  The U.S. should adapt now or risk being less prosperous and competitive in the 21st century.

Research suggests that keeping older workers engaged in the economy will directly boost gross domestic product.

There is also mounting evidence that working later into life correlates with better individual health and satisfaction, and may contribute to them.  Amid skyrocketing age-related health-care costs, this advantage can scarcely be overstated.

How about that!  The global economy needs pinnacle careers.  Earning more income, not only helps us have greater satisfaction, better health, but helps strengthen the global economy.

The world needs us, so let’s get to it.  Start a pinnacle career.


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America Needs to Rethink ‘Retirement’